Monday, August 1, 2016

New Body, New Mind, New Medicine

In this fascinating article by physician Deepak Chopra, the relationship of mind and body can and should be seen as having definite overlapping ties. The mind-body connection is one that takes some serious thought and commitment to attempt to understand, but it is clear that we are most definitely intricate beings.

It does seem amazing that at a time in our current complex world, more and more discoveries are being uncovered as to why and how our environment plays a significant role in the way we live, how we think and how we carry on with our lives in general. The health of our physical bodies only is a fraction of what we strive for and what we need in the quest for wellness -- there is so much more.

The following principles outlined in this article are so important for our wellbeing, but somehow they really don't make an impact on the way a physician leads his/her practice. Here are a few examples:
  • All the cells in our body are meant to communicate with our brain in one way or another. These  messages or signals are activated by how we think, feel, our moods, what our expectations are and what we believe.
  • Our own life experiences get processed in the same way that our bodies process/metabolize foods, air, water and physical toxins. Isn't it true that we have better days than others? What makes that so? It is in paying attention to what our daily experiences are and applying that to how it was different from yesterday as an example.
  • The cells in our bodies have a purpose and a particular design that makes them functional and dynamic. Hence, it's clear that by taking care of our bodies, we take care of our cells.
  • There is no doubt that our lifestyle choices are paramount in the way we live our lives. Most of the time, our lifestyle choices can determine how healthy or ill we will be in the future. There are always exceptions to the rule, but by in large, the "cleaner" you live, the better off you will be.
  • Our genes are in a constant change to what we experience everyday and how well we live. So, the better our habits are -- the better off we will be. If we eat at McDonald's everyday (as seen in the movie, Supersize Me) as opposed to eating more organic, plant-based foods, we will feel different and even look and perform differently. If we exercise daily as opposed to being completely sedentary, our bodies will respond appropriately.
  • Yes, and if we only knew at what point it is in our living that we saw and felt more positive and "alive", that can make an enormous difference in how we live! But, how do we get to that point if there aren't enough positive experiences in our lives?
  • Lastly, so much of how we lead our days is how we see ourselves and how we feed our bodies and brains. By starting our day off with positive mental practices, we have more opportunity to make a success of our day!
So much of how we lead our lives has to do with the quality by which we live our lives on a daily basis. So how can we transform our bodies and our minds to have better quality experiences? The way our minds and bodies work together is meant to be of the highest quality. The quest for living our healthiest lives is within our reach -- it really is a matter of a mix of the best ingredients which consists of psychology, research studies, wisdom and willingness to understand. A work in progress....

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