Monday, August 8, 2016

Persuasively Making Human Behavior Change

Our society today has become more and more dependent upon the use of our phones, computers, iPads and the latest application to simplify our lives. The challenge to meeting the needs of all of these systems is to make sense on utilizing them to our best advantage. How can we use our iPhones and our computing systems to influence and change human behavior?  
Through the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab, the design of mobile phone software could be used to persuasively change the instilled behaviors of people! The thought of these computing machines being designed to inform and influence human behavior can sound intimidating, but in looking at the outcomes of what a positive behavior change can lead to -- a healthier and more productive life -- it seems quite worth it, don't you think?

As mentioned in the website, the study of persuasive technology started in the 1990s at Stanford University and the lab was founded in 1998. BJ Fogg began his work with various psychology methods to display how computers can actually change people's behaviors and thoughts in foreseeable ways. 

Today some of the projects that have been developed work with behavior design and how behavior change is influenced. Other projects include behavior wizard, mobile health, the psychology of Facebook and Peace Innovation. These are some good tools to invest in with regard to our everyday technology use and ways to create healthier lifestyle opportunities.

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