Friday, October 7, 2016

9 Ways Technology is Improving Workplace Wellness

Obesity rates are definitely sky-high, along with diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases; but, along with these statistics, there are some wellness issues being addressed. That is a really good thing, wouldn't you say?

The Wall Street Journal is covering a story on how McDonald's is losing the burger war, there is an upswing in healthier fast food take out and alas, we are even seeing how technology is improving workplace wellness. There is no doubt that technology is here to stay and it is rapidly growing in ways that can be a benefit to society. For starters, learn about the 9 Ways that Technology is making its mark on workplace health and wellness.

(1) Increased productivity: Many employees (12%) from a variety of companies are now wearing wearable technology like Fitbits, Jawbone and Apple Watch.

(2) By using wearables like Fitbit, employees have access to tracking their own health and can even be provided with a host of valuable biometric data (like blood pressure, heart rate). Of course, the employee would need to agree to the sharing of information with their organization.

(3) More employees are showing up to work! Things like work-life balance are becoming more and more important to people -- as it should be. Technology used in real time can help with determining employee stress levels and so much more.

(4) Speaking of Reducing stress levels, it can't be disputed that maintaining and improving the health of employees should be the focus. There are wearables like Pip which look at decreasing stress levels with the use of interactive games.

(5) Creating a supportive company culture is recognized as important for many who use the wearables. Now employees can share details if they like and can even increase motivation to work/play together.

(6) Cognitive skills are increased with the use of interactive games.

(7) More motivation is always a good thing. It certainly is helpful for employees to track their progress and naturally want to do more in order to keep up with their health needs.

(8) Business savings can be seen for employees as well since visits to the doctor can turn into annual checkups instead of frequent emergency visits. Healthcare costs are expensive no doubt.

(9) Managing expectations and Fostering Positive Team Results: Organizations that want to keep healthy and productive employees also must respect their privacy. Through the management of a good wellness program there can be a huge win for both the employer and the employee.

The proper care and acknowledgement of keeping a dynamic healthy workplace wellness program by the employer will keep employees productive and can make the workplace an overall happier and healthier place to spend time. After all, at least 50% of people's time is spent in the workplace. Click on the link above to get more details about the 9 ways technology can make a positive difference in the workplace.

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