Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Wall Street Journal: Food Section Articles

I simply could not decide which article to choose from in this week's Wall Street Journal. There is a whole section of important topics with regard to food in yesterday's WSJ edition that is recommended reading. So, which should I choose? The rosemary potato salad with sliced bell peppers or the crumbly apple crisp? How about all of it!

All of the articles with attached links below are current hot topics that weigh heavily on the minds of many people, including myself. In "The Next Hot Trends in Food", learn more about Moringa Trees or Regenerative Grazing or Consumer-Friendly products or New Plant Waters. Check out the link above.

Other articles in this section include  The Supermarkets' Best Weapon: Produce or Big Bets on No Frills which describes a German deep-discount grocery chain that is reaching wealthier areas in the United States.

What's Behind the Commodities Glut describes how the boom-bust production cycle has encompassed areas throughout the globe.

A Buck for Broccoli? Similar to what many workplace wellness organizations attempt to do with incentivizing their employees to become healthier; this article is about how paying children to eat their fruits and veggies can create healthier, long-term habits.

The Battle Against Food Deserts has long been a question of finding better ways to reach the poor in America and providing them with healthier food.

Not Your Father's McNuggets is an article that has drawn the attention of many in the food industry with ties to famous food products. The goal: To make their products healthier.

As Crop Prices Fall, Farmers Focus on the Seeds. Farmers need to become better informed about which crops bring in profit and are also sustainable in the long term.

A Food Empire in a Changing World covers the reflections of Cargill's CEO on topics including GMO food, climate change and record harvests.

Lastly, there are other important issues discussed by many well-known names in the food world that include Monsanto's Mike FrankJim Perdue of Perdue Farms, and Randall K. Fields, CEO of ReposiTrak. This company assists retailers and food suppliers, pharmaceutical and supplement industries comply with federal requirements.

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