Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WSJ: J&J: Insulin Pump Vulnerable to Hacking

As anyone can well imagine, the statistics of Diabetes in this country (let alone the world) is extremely high. There is now an "alert" or warning to insulin pump users -- mostly, Type 1 diabetes users -- regarding the potential consequences of using the J&J's OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump System. 

Hackers who apparently are close enough to these insulin pump users can some how use their own advanced technology to get the unencrypted radio signal that the device produces to program the pump.

While the Chief Medical Officer of J&J's diabetes-care business unit says that the warning to patient safety for these diabetes insulin pump users is quite low, a looming distrust from other medical companies has led to an increasing concern of potential medical pitfalls that can occur due to cyber hacking. 

Such concerns of cyber hacking has even drawn the attention of the Food and Drug Administration which has been working on addressing medical device vulnerabilities. 

It is so unfortunate and actually scandalizing to know that there is a population of people out there; namely, those hackers -- that are attempting to take advantage of a situation that can cause even more harm not only to those diabetes patients, but to the general population itself!

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