Wednesday, December 14, 2016

10 Common Habits that Increase Wealth

While the title -- 10 Common Habits that Increase Wealth -- may appear to be a bit misleading, it simply is a good habit to get into, wouldn't you agree? If we hope to be the best we can be, then the following habits can most certainly enrich our lives.

The list goes as follows:

(1) Find Good Thoughtful Books to Read. There just is so much to learn from reading a good book. It helps to create new ideas, helps with "solidifying" a good business/life plan and also makes us wiser for it.

(2) Create an exercise plan that works for you. One of the many reasons used for those that don't make exercise a priority in their lives is that they believe there is just is not enough time in the day. While yes, it can be a sacrifice to put in the extra effort, it pays off in the long run by minimizing doctor visits and with that medical bills. Find an exercise that you enjoy above all else as an incentive.

(3) Stop eating out for lunch every day. It really is amazing at how quickly money seems to evaporate, especially if you eat out everyday. Imagine saving the $40/$50 a week and putting it into savings for a nice trip or a nice car!

(4) Stop getting drinks after work. While yes, the job can be stressful and yes, you always have a pal to go out with after work the the local bar -- at least minimize it to once a week instead of several times.

(5) Learn how to cook. It really is not rocket science and the best part is that it is quite likely that you'll be pretty good at it if you give yourself a chance! Not only can you save money, but it is a wise investment in yourself too.

(6) Meal plan the week out. Its just smart to plan ahead, see what you are missing or what would be a good addition to have in the kitchen.

(7) Have an at-home date night. Really there is nothing better! Imagine making a nice meal like a nice piece of fish or steak with a couple of sides? and your own wine? you can even eat the meal in your p.j.'s and slippers and still partake in a fabulous dinner and a movie at home!

(8) Cut the cord. There are still ways to save money instead of keeping up on the latest TV shows. It is still possible to enjoy them, it just may not be as immediate at those that do own cable.

(9) Get to know your grocery stores. While yes, it can be easy and convenient to go to a one-stop shop, you may not see the great savings if you went to a variety of stores like Target or Trader Joe's to get some of your specialty items.

(10) Lastly, save the money you didn't spend by following the 9 steps above, it all adds up! It definitely takes time to make and keep good habits, but once it's been done, you will reap the rewards for days to come.

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