Tuesday, December 20, 2016

22 Ways to Be Healthier with Little Effort

Let's stop and take a breath. Really. Especially now with holiday preparations, it seems we find ourselves inundated in a sea of tasks to complete, errands to run and goals to continue working on from now until the end of the year...and beyond. So what can we do to change that? Honestly, there's not much. But, there are ways to make a better effort to staying healthy and they really aren't that difficult to follow! Here are 22 ways to be healthier with minimal effort.

(1) Eat fruit instead of candy. The difference? Fruit has natural sugar as well as fiber -- which means it takes long to digest. Candy is artificial and well, full of processed ingredients.

(2) Shop on a full stomach. No doubt, this is a trick one as I've fallen for shopping on an empty stomach and a full stomach -- big difference! The tendency is to shop more and spend more when you are hungry.

(3) Learn how to cook! Yes, I've heard people say time and time again that they hate to cook, but they are only doing themselves a disservice. By cooking at home, you save money, plus you choose your own ingredients without all those unpronounceable ingredients that contain...who knows what!

(4) Drink coffee black. While this might take some time to get used to, it is well worth it! Coffee has several benefits...but, not coffee with sugar, artificial sweeteners or the Starbucks Cafe Mocha's and Moccachino's. If serious about wanting to lose weight, drinking black coffee (in moderation) can even aide in weight loss.

(5) Avocado toast instead of toast with butter. If you've not experienced avocado toast yet, I highly recommend it. Not only does it taste good, but it is good for you! And delicious too....

(6) Substitute white bread with wheat bread. Simply put, whole wheat bread has more fiber, hence is more filling and slows the digestive process.

(7) Drink more water. We all know that hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle. Even drinking a tall glass of water before every meal can add the benefit of fullness, thereby you tend to eat less at every meal. 

(8) Walking. The benefits of walking are tremendous. By making this a habit, you gain energy, burn calories and even gain the benefit of a better mood.

(9) Park far from your destination. No doubt the malls are very busy now with all of the last-minute holiday shopping which also means it is hard to find a parking spot close to your destination. Instead of stressing about it, purposefully park far and walk to your destination and see it as your exercise/meditation time!

(10) Take the stairs. You would really be surprised at how many calories you can burn by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Your body will thank you back by giving you good energy throughout the day and even a good night's sleep!

(11) Stand on one leg while completing a task -- like brushing your teeth. This improves balance, especially as the aging process inevitably happens. 

(12) Wash and dry your hands regularly. As we approach the winter months, we all hear of friends, family or co-workers getting sick. By continually doing our best to wash and dry our hands frequently, we get rid of germs and that enables us to stay healthy.

(13) Wear sunscreen. It is just so easy to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. By doing so, you add extra prevention for your skin from skin cancer, plus your skin reaps the benefits of a healthy-looking radiance.

(14) Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are simply a good idea to protect your eyes from sun glare and keeping your eyes as healthy as possible. 

(15) Buy a plant. Being exposed to nature puts us in a healthy state of mind. 

(16) Moisturize. Moisturizing the skin keeps it supple and radiant. Who doesn't want that? Just be watchful for ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or contain heavy perfumes. Dermatologist-tested moisturizers are recommended.

(17) Meditate for 30 minutes a day. We've all heard the benefits of meditation, haven't we? Yes, meditation is good for keeping us calm, centered and is even known to lower our blood pressure. All good things.

(18) Read a book. Reading is just a good idea -- it makes us smarter, keeps us at our best creatively and improves our vocabulary. These can all be advantages in the work world and beyond.

(19) Unplugging from the phone. While it is so tempting to be looking at our phones frequently, it is just as good to disconnect when possible. Certainly keeping an eye on the phone during working hours is understandable, but keeping the phone on 24/7 all day everyday is just too much.

(20) Go to bed at the same time everyday. It is just a good idea to keep our sleep cycles as consistent as possible by listening to when our bodies are legitimately tired and need rest -- meaning a good night's sleep.

(21) Move your desk near a window. Once again, it is just good for our bodies to be exposed to nature as much as possible. By sitting near a window, we can better appreciate our surroundings and won't be as "locked in" to a concrete jungle all day that has artificial lighting. Good for lowering our blood pressure to -- once again, our bodies do well to being exposed to nature once in a while!

(22) Take good care of your relationships! Amazingly, not having enough social connections has been compared to smoking! Definitely not good! Having good relationships builds our confidence, makes us happier and healthier all at the same time.

With all of the 22 ways to be healthier listed above, there really is little effort at doing each and every one of them whenever possible. You will be "gifting yourself" the best gift of all -- good health and well being!

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