Friday, December 2, 2016

6 Easy Weight Loss Tips That Also Increase Better Health

Okay, so I have written about weight loss in previous posts in order to reach those much anticipated goals that we have in mind. But, as you've already probably guessed, it's not just about weight loss -- it's about creating and living a realistically healthy life!

So, below I've outlined the 6 wise tips that are not only about weight loss, but also about the real good stuff -- how to live a good and healthy life!

(1) Change Your Perspective! We all know that our attitude is so very important in how we approach things in life -- from our jobs, to our kids, to our co-workers and loved ones as well. Imagine if we had a bad attitude with wanting to accomplish a goal at work or asking your kids to help you around the house? Do you think they would want to help us? No Way! The same goes for how we approach eating wisely with every bite and exercising. Our much anticipated goals will soon disappear (much as many of us would like to see the weight disappear, right?) if we don't stick with some tried and true healthy habits like eating more fruits and veggies and exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes a day and keeping positive at the same time!

Forget about how the previous 15 or 20 diets from your past didn't work! Remember, it's first about changing your attitude. It's okay to have a bad day -- we all do -- but just remember that tomorrow is another day and another chance to make good on your weight loss and health goals.

(2) Get Active; Stay Active! Yes, you absolutely can lose weight without exercise, but you won't get all the added benefits that exercise provides. Not only does exercise help burn more calories, but it also provides great health benefits like putting you in a better mood, better heart health and better blood pressure.

The amount of calories burned really depends on how active you are. The best thing is to be consistent and just make exercise a part of your daily activities. Even thinking of ways to move while watching TV is super helpful!

(3) Enjoy Healthier Foods. The words "healthy foods" may send chills down the spines of many, but it doesn't have to be that way! It's like riding a bike, you can learn to like foods that you've typically not eaten before, just as you've learned to ride a bike! I had a good friend who absolutely hated sweet potatoes because she grew up "traumatized" with the way she'd eaten them as a kid! Actually, so many of us may have similar horror stories about a fruit or vegetable that was prepared in an unsavory way. Now-a-days there are tons of great ways to prepare many of these vegetables by observing what tastes good and in knowing that they can be super flavorful!

(4) Set realistic goals. As I've worked with clients, it is quite common to initially hear of unrealistic weight loss goals. It really is about setting their minds at ease while enabling positive and realistic encouragement with a workable and doable "schedule" for weight loss. By also emphasizing the benefits of weight loss in order to lower the risk of chronic health problems, the load can be lightened and can even set the stage for continued motivation and perseverance.

(5) Find Your Inner Motivation. Haven't we all been motivated in our lives at one time or another? We may have the motivation to look our best for an upcoming beach vacation somewhere exotic with the "girls" or even better, a spouse. Doesn't everyone want to look their best? Of course they do!

So, start out making a list of why you want that particular goal and find a way to stick to it -- engage with friends and family that will support you, not sabotage you! Find a support group that will hold you accountable with frequent discussions, weigh-ins and triggers that may set you off on an uncontrollable path of eating!

(6) Lastly, Stay Committed! Find that inner motivation and remain constant. If you are headed to Hawaii in 3 months, find some beautiful pictures on line of where you will be staying. Imagine fitting into clothes that you wouldn't have thought possible to wear again. Once again, be realistic, but stay committed to your goal. Frequent check-ins with yourself to minimize stress from work or life in general may require some "soul-searching". How about a 5 or 10 minute meditation in the morning? How about starting small with committing to staying properly hydrated throughout the day or why not "gift yourself" a fitness tracker that can help you stick to your goals today, tomorrow and....indefinitely!

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