Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Bad Habits to give up for a Lifetime of Success!

What real incentive is there in wanting to change a habit? It doesn't necessarily need to be about food, although many times it is, right? What about making a small change to what we do on a daily basis. How about having one cup of coffee in the morning instead of three or sleeping a minimum of 7-8 hours a night for 3 or more consecutive nights a week? In order to have and make long-term goals, you've got to start with a short-term goal. That's just how it works. 

Now that we are approaching a new year, why not start thinking of ways we could just improve our lives by making constructive and "doable" goals that will benefit us overall. Think about your health! Yes, will it benefit you to have a second helping of roasted sweet potatoes or a second helping of french fries? Or if dessert is on the menu, why not share it with a loved one or simply have a small portion-sized dessert?

Some more concrete ideas to think about:

(1) Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle. The bottom-line is we need our health. We need to take care of our health to achieve goals that we want to achieve and even more importantly, we need to put food on the table for ourselves and our families, right? Under Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the Physiological needs (food, water, shelter) are at the foundation of needs that we need -- and that includes diet (preferably healthy).

(2) Give up on the short-term mindset. In order to reach long-term goals (like a career goal or losing 50 pounds), we need to focus on creating and keeping short-term daily habits that are sustainable and healthy. 

(3) Give up playing small. What do I mean by this? Yes, go big or go home! If you don't have the confidence to know you can achieve something you really have wanted to achieve, how do you know you can't do it? We have this thing called -- self-talk -- yes, where we talk to ourselves and tell ourselves we are not good enough or we can do it! So much of what we can accomplish is really up to us, really.

(4) Give up your excuses. We are so good at saying we aren't good at something or someone is better at it than we are. This may be true, but particularly if we haven't attempted to do that particular thing, how do we know how good or how bad we are at it? Don't give yourself an easy out by giving excuses.

(5) Give up the fixed mindset. As we naturally graduate from grammar school to high school and beyond, we grow and change. So why not attempt to be more open-minded and continue developing our learning skills. In continuously developing and learning, we can reach our goals more easily.

(6) Give up believing in the "magic bullet": We certainly don't become successful overnight. True success is a journey and many times the journey doesn't have a straight-forward path, it takes time to find a good path to follow to reach the ultimate goal.

(7) Give up your perfectionism. Many times we may not know the outcome of the desired result. So, instead of fearing we won't get that desired result, why not work on putting fear out of our minds and put our "best foot forward" with the projected project or goal. 

(8) Give up on multi-tasking. We all know that there are lots of things we can do at work (or home) in order to reach our goals of a successful completed project, but why not focus on completing one essential task at a time instead of doing several at one time? 

(9) Give up your need to control everything. Many times there are things that happen in our day that prevent us from getting our tasks done. That's just life. But, we can control our attention to detail, being present and being positive.

(10) Give up saying yes to things that we may not need. I've certainly been guilty of this! We humans are great at rationalizing and telling ourselves we need to go to this meeting or that party in order to mix and mingle with the "right" people. But, stop and think about what would happen if we didn't say yes to all of that! We would more than likely reach our intended goals much faster if we focused on the present needs.

(11) Give up the toxic people. This can be tricky, but it is well-worth taking the time to do it! If we surround ourselves with people we admire and respect, we become more positive and that enables us to put more effort into our work and overall life -- period! Stay away from "Debbie Downers", Negative people or people that "boo-hoo" your ideas -- not good!

(12) Give up your need to be liked. While this may seem worthwhile, it can work against you! Simply doing what we can to be our best and strive to do good, we are honoring and respecting ourselves. We will want to be around the people we attract when we focus on the good stuff and in turn they will want to be around you!

(13) Give up your dependency on social media/television. Yes, while this can also be tricky, it is good to meditate and focus on what's going on within ourselves first. The more balanced we become, the less dependent we are on what other people (media) think of us. Social media is good to a point, but it can be dangerous too!

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