Thursday, January 5, 2017

Forget about Resolutions, Why Not Focus on Making One Small Change Instead?

We are barely entering into 2017 and we still worry about the same things as we did last year -- weight loss, fat loss, better health, drinking more water and the list goes on. We all know those resolutions are made as quickly as they are broken, but what will make a lasting difference?

How about focusing on changing one small thing instead of losing our minds over not being able to have another cookie or french fry again? It happens -- we all have bad days, but the trick is making more of those bad days tolerable enough to eventually change them into more really good days.

Upgrade your Eating Habits by:
  • Snacking Smarter
  • Hiding the Junk Food
  • Waiting to break your Fast
  • Filling Up on Water
  • Eat "Free" Foods
Read the article to find out more about the eating habits mentioned above and welcome to a brand new 2017 that shows the promise of a healthy new year.

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