Monday, January 16, 2017

Retrain Your Brain To Make Healthier Choices

Certainly as we enter into a new year, things haven't changed much with regard to worries over what the healthiest foods are to eat and those to avoid. As in any creation of a new habit, we really need to focus our minds to see where the triggers are -- do we get tempted when walking by the refrigerator?do we get hungry at 3 pm when the vending machine is calling out to us? or do we simply skip breakfast at home because there will be fresh donuts at work?

Read about the new app here. The app helps with retraining the brain to crave healthier foods rather than the unhealthier options out there. The game allows those that participate to choose between pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods by simply clicking on the picture.

"A study of 83 adults showed that people who played the game online just four times in one week lost weight and ate an average of 220 kcal less per day -- roughly equivalent to a chocolate-iced doughnut".

This could be a good opportunity to start working on those SMART (specific-measurable-attainable-relevant-time-sensitive) goals that most of us start and would like to keep throughout the year.

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