Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Things We Should Do to Keep Our Brains Sharp!

So much goes into our health and wellbeing and in keeping our brains healthy, we encourage strength and stability in our everyday lives.

The following are 10 Things We Should Do to Keep our Brains Sharp:

(1) We have this awesome brain, so let's try to understand its functions better! When you think about it, it is so amazing to even try to fathom the billions of neurons and synapses that make it function as it should!

(2) Eat Healthy! Eating healthy is one of those things that we hear more and more about, right? But, it is because we are in such need of nutritious foods! The brain actually consumes 20% of the nutrients that we absorb! That means that if we are constantly eating "junk food" or overly processed foods, we are limiting our brain's amazing functionality. This is why it is recommended to have a healthy breakfast in the morning, especially if you've got a busy productive day ahead of you.

(3) Be active! Did you know that exercise actually enhances neurogenesis? Neurogenesis is the the growth and development of nervous tissue.

(4) Stay positive! This can't be overstated, really! Having a positive mindset creates a blend of creativity, encouragement and wanting to make a lasting positive difference in people's lives!

(5) Use the brain. Yes, while this might seem crazy because we use the brain everyday, why not challenge it? Just as we challenge ourselves by going to the gym we can challenge our brain by learning new things.

(6) Don't stop learning. Again, learning something new and challenging ourselves to do just that creates a healthier more positive outlook on life in general.

(7) Travel. This was interesting to learn, but it makes sense. We challenge our brain to function in a new environment, that's gotta be good, right?

(8) Keep good friendships. Especially in this day in age of crazy and hectic lifestyles, it is so important to enjoy quality relationships with people that actually care about you!

(9) Make your own decisions. While it is good to follow direction when necessary, it is also great to "go it alone" and make your own decisions. This enables our brains to function in a healthy way by further challenging it to try new things, so start up a new hobby or take a night class in an interesting subject you've been curious about, you'll just be smarter for doing it!

(10) Laugh! Laughing is such a great release to the brain, it can actually improve your outlook on life. Not bad, huh?

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