Monday, March 6, 2017

10 Nutrition Mistakes That Vegans Make

I recently attended a vegan cooking class at the invitation of a friend. I'd like to consider myself to be open-minded even if I don't follow a particular diet -- such as veganism. The class was interesting to me though because the focus was on how foods fight cancer. Hence, this cooking class was targeted to people who may suffer from cancer or have a family member who suffers from cancer. 
Regardless, eating a healthy diet -- whether or not cancer is the motivator -- should be at the forefront of the way we think about eating. Imagine if we minimized processed foods, minimized sugar in our diet and simply ate more fruits and vegetables? We would be so much better off with regard to our health!
The thing is though, as individual as people are, shouldn't our diets also be individualized? No doubt there are many people within the healthcare world -- like physicians and nurses and registered dietitians -- who follow such a diet. We know of them either from work or a book that they've written as an example. But, how long have they been on such a diet? Is this kind of diet sustainable in the long run? They may very well have the knowledge and discipline to be sure to eat the right amount of nutrients/minerals/supplements. But, what happens to those vegans that are following the rules of veganism, but fall short on eating enough nutrients/minerals/supplements? 
The bottom-line is -- even if I myself am not vegan -- I really do respect those that are vegan for various reasons whether they've been told that they need to improve their heart health or minimize their chances of getting cancer that runs in their family.
But, if people are going to go down that "vegan rabbit hole", know what you are getting yourself into by avoiding some of the nutrition mistakes that vegans can make as written in the article here. Animal foods like meat, fish, and dairy are not "evil", but in fact, are very nutritious. It really does matter where the source of your protein comes from though. One can learn more from food service companies that do support local agriculture and safe sustainability guidelines.
You can't put a price on your health -- or that of your loved ones -- but, you can become more informed by doing your own smart nutrition research. If you don't know, ask a reliable source! There are some great informative resources available now-a-days. Many times people who are on a specific diet such as this one can become "judgmental" towards those that don't follow it because of environmental reasons or animal cruelty. But what happens to us if we neglect our own health and wellbeing? 

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