Thursday, May 4, 2017

What Do We Really Care About?

As I approach a new topic to discuss in the health & wellness arena, it seems that it has been covered, right? But, is a topic as extensive and popular as health and wellness really covered in one article or one study or one great healthy outcome statistic? No, definitely not!

Now that there is more of a focus on individualized nutrition for kids, teenagers and adults, shouldn't there also be a focus on finding out specifically what the individual really wants and needs? Sure, most people would more than likely like to drop a few "lbs", but what if that doesn't apply to everyone? Is there a "common sense" approach to leading a healthier lifestyle kinda plan that includes a fitness and mindfulness component? Would eating a bit of "everything" in a portion-controlled way be enough for someone or would eliminating sugar be the right way to go?

Let's just quiet the noise in our heads and think about it. Sure, it is important to have science-backed knowledge on what the right health & wellness aide would be for you and me, but how do you not get overwhelmed by all the media news out there on what you should eat, or where you should live or what you should do to be happy? Doesn't that all encompass wellbeing? What exactly does that mean?

Changing ones' behavior for example to something that someone else "approves" of certainly doesn't work; so how can what I do -- as a health coach -- make a difference to what you -- as my audience -- really cares about? It is wise to check with a doctor before approaching any form of diet, but what if you are relatively healthy, and just want to lose some weight, or gain confidence or improve your wellbeing? 

Check out the following articles that delve further into some of the important things we should be focusing on like overall health, wellness, mindfulness and just doing what we can to be happy. 

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