Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Exercise: The Secret To Aging S-L-O-W-L-Y

I may not be able to convince you that exercising everyday is beneficial for you, but will you pay attention when scientific study after study says it really does make a difference? In fact, there are 19 good reasons to exercise! Unfortunately, there will always be someone who will be so averse to exercise that there is nothing one can do to convince them of the benefits otherwise, right? But, how much does one truly value the quality of their life?

This is where the "why" comes in. Why should we want to be better people, more productive at work, more loving with our families, have more of a positive outlook on life? The 'whys' in the previous statement are merely what draws us out to be better human beings, but think of the health benefits that exercise provides us.

Let's break it down even further and evaluate what draws our attention to the importance of exercise, starting with the some of the following points:

(1) Slows biological aging: I always think of little kids, especially when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. How many times have we heard an 8-year-old or a 12-year-old say something like: 'I just turned 12 today'! with all the exuberance that they can muster. How many times do we hear a 43-year-old person shout out, 'I'm 43-years-old today!' with the same exuberance as that child? Probably not many! 

Simply stated, it has been found that people who regularly exercise age more gracefully. The study conducted by Brigham Young University discusses this very thing and can be found by going to this link. The more active we are, the better the biological aging process unfolds for us. 

(2) Lengthen Your Lifespan: Imagine adding years -- quality years -- to your life? Really, who doesn't want to have more time to enjoy their lives, their families, travel, work and vacations? It has been found that people who actually followed through with completing a regimen of moderate exercise levels for at least 150 minutes a week added 3.4 years on to their lifespans! Breaking that down even further, exercising a mere 30 minutes a day makes a world of difference! If 30 minutes is too much, how about breaking that down even further to 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunchtime and 10 minutes in the evening? You've got to start somewhere, right? Our lifespans and energy levels typically increase even more when exercise levels increase too. 

(3) Other health benefits from regular exercise include:
  • lowering of blood pressure;
  • a healthier approach to dealing with stress;
  • strengthening of the heart and keeping the arteries in a healthy state to deliver blood to our other organs;
  • sleeping better;
  • lowering type 2 diabetes risk;
  • maintaining proper immune function;
  • breathing better;
  • and, a general healthier and more positive outlook on life.
In conclusion, I may or may not have convinced you that exercise is beneficial for you, but why wouldn't you want to give yourself the best gift ever -- good health that enables you to follow your 'heart's desires' to live life to the fullest?

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