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How to Eat Healthy For Your Type 2 Diabetes Without Giving up some Favorite Foods

This can be tricky for just about anybody, let alone someone with Type 2 Diabetes. Does this mean you need to give up eating some of your favorite foods all together? Not necessarily. Before changing your food routine though, be sure to check with your doctor and/or a Registered Dietitian first on foods to stay clear from and others that still can be part of a healthy moderation.

After all, every person is different and even a variety of people that have Type 2 Diabetes have different tastes and needs. Perhaps some naturally like to eat more fruits or vegetables or what if they prefer to not give up meat all together? These are just some things to think about and certainly consult with a professional about too. But, here are some healthy ways that could potentially work for you...

(1) Ask your doctor about getting a recommendation to a Registered Dietitian that listens to your questions and concerns. As previously mentioned, every person is different and one may have a particu…

6 Secrets To A Long Life...Blue Zones style....

I found an inspiring article that adds further depth to last week's Blue Zones video post. The 6 Secrets (found below) -- which really are no secret -- are ways to improve our health and make the most of our lives as we age.

Some of the key 'ingredients' mentioned in the article include such things as focusing on the way we approach life on the day to day. Are we stressed? Are we healthy? There need not be some amazing cleanse or diet either, simply a better way of living.

The idea behind the Blue Zones began sometime in the 1940s when a Greek war veteran was provided with some unsavory news about his health. He was given a very grim prognosis and so he decided to live out his remaining days with family and friends in Ikaria, Greece where he can spend what time he had left of his life. As time went on, believe it or not, he actually became healthier. You can read about his story here. By the way, Ikaria, Greece is one of the five Blue Zones identified by Dan Buettner, the …

So, What are the Blue Zones?

I was recently asked what the Blue Zones. So, I'm attaching the link below with an explanation by the founder Dan Buettner of National Geographic. Worth a look...

Here Are the Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

7 Wonderful Benefits of Oregano

Are you prepared for flu season? Yes, it is here yet again, but what is your prevention strategy? Even if it is a minor cold, if we find time to take care of ourselves by eating right and finding the time to investigate our everyday eating habits, we can only benefit from it. So how about a little experimentation in using healing and delicious herbs that can enhance your meals -- like Oregano.
Did you know about the 7 Wonderful Benefits of Oregano? Did you know that Oregano has been part of making culinary and even alternative medicine treatments beneficial for thousands of years? Especially now with flu season upon us, don't overlook this wonderfully aromatic herb for 7 good reasons that listed below.
(1) Two crucial components found in oregano are rosmarinic acid and thymol. These are two powerful antioxidant compounds that have been associated with the reduction of oxidative stress in the body. So, it is a smart idea to use oregano in your everyday cooking with a sprinkle here…