My Projects

Through inspiration and following a passion, I've been fortunate enough to be part of a few great projects. In 2010, I began volunteering at a place called Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, that's Mission is to connect and motivate students and families from diverse backgrounds through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education, empowering them to be healthy and active citizens. Through education and community engagement, students and people of all ages can re-connect with nature and learn where our food comes from -- farm to table.

Other Projects I’ve worked on over the past 3 years:
  • ¨    Volunteer position beginning in summer of 2010 with Olivewood Gardens. Volunteered as sous chef and working in the garden.
  • ¨     Volunteer for Chula Vista Healthy Communities
  • ¨     Belong to San Diego Nutrition Network since 2011
  • ¨     Grant award for RLA through Olivewood Gardens
¨     In March, 2011 Roadmap Training for Community Action to create policy change: Building strategic capacity for communities to create healthier environments. Leading into:
¨     (August 2011 to March 2012) Pilot program 10-week grant called Resident Leadership Academy. Acted as community contractor with Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) and the County of San Diego to address obesity prevention in South San Diego County in the evenings.

 A previous project that has involved my participation, has been my work as part of a UC research team in evaluating the nutrition intake of 4th and 5th graders across the county. This project, called Children's Power Play! Campaign through the Network for a Healthy California is a public health initiative that is driven by the California Department of Public Health and administered by the Public Health Institute. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and empower our local 9 to 11 year old children to eat 3 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables and get at least 60 minutes of physical exercise ona daily basis. What will this do? With the intent to follow these goals, it gives children an overall chance to improve not only their short-term health by feeling better and being more productive as students, but also reduces their long-term risk of chronic diseases which are so prevalent today.

As a columnist for San Diego Loves Green, since December of 2012 through December 2013, I've had the opportunity to not only write about food sustainability and living a healthier lifestyle, but I've also written on other topics like:
EcoDistricts, Green Building, Green Office Pledge, Net Zero Energy, Summer Preparedness w/ SDG&E, Safer Bike Paths, ArtHaus, Electric Cars, Children’s PowerPlay, Butterfly Exhibit S.D. Safari Park, Zelectric Cars, Taste of North Park, Small Plate Revolution, EcoATM, Combining Food & Science, Tea, Horseradish, Slow Food Urban San Diego, Slow Food Movement, Ethnic Food in San Diego, Gliadin Effect, Paleo Diet. To read the articles, go to my rss feed

I've had the opportunity to gain exposure as a writer for sustainability issues, healthy foods, green energy to instill and encourage healthy eating and more sustainable living. 

Lastly, in working with the Food and Beverage Association of San Diego, I've had an opportunity to provide social media to their website blog regarding current issues within the hospitality arena. I also am working on a start up membership level for hospitality professionals to give them the opportunity to:
  •   Be part of dynamic social and networking events
  •   Be part of events to benefit charitable activities for needy members
  •   Be part of a job listing for members who seek it
  •   Take part in effective team building workshops
  •   Participate in enhanced service trainings and more