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We're in a New Age of Obesity. How did it happen?

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Why You Need A Health Coach Now More Than Ever

Health and Wellness is at the forefront of most people's minds, wouldn't you say? How many of us are obsessed with learning the benefits of following a certain diet only to find out that there is one that has been medically proven to be better. 
How can we focus on creating habits that perpetuate all the added benefits of taking care of ourselves so that we reap the benefits of what good health and wellness can provide to us for years to come? good are we on following through with what we say we are going to do? "This time I really intend to lose those last 20 pounds" or "I most definitely will change the way I eat, sleep and exercise now that I know I'm diabetic".  Will we really be good with our word? Will we follow through on what we said we were going to do? This is where a health coach comes into play. How will you be held accountable to what you said you were going to do? Are you ready to make the change? How will you know you are rea…

Why is Turmeric and Black Pepper such a great combination?

I'll tell you all -- I truly enjoy writing and sharing what I learn along the way about nutrition, health and wellness in general. Although it has been a good while since I've posted, please forgive me -- we all fall off our regularly scheduled routines from time to time. 
As time passes and we get busy with our day-to-day routines, life challenges us, right?  Just never ever forget to take care of yourself! Especially with life going at warp speed and taking steps to reach our best health goals -- it's always good to learn new stuff about ways to eat better, sleep better and simply better manage how we live our lives.
My goal as a health coach is to continue learning new things and sharing them with you all. In fact, if you'd like to learn more about something, send me a comment. My passion is and always has been one that includes the foods we eat and what foods are best for our bodies, but it doesn't stop there. How can we be sure to be equitable with the foods …

7 Mindsets That Will Radically Improve Your Life Right Now

One of the things that I've learned -- particularly over the past couple of years -- is that your mindset is so vitally important. I found this great article on Inc., by Lolly Daskal, President and CEO of Lead from Within.

Are you motivated to kick-start Mondays into high gear or are you hoping you can just get by with simply getting through the day? Have you told yourself a thousand times that this week you'll get to the gym...this week will be different...this week is the start of a new you! We've all been there at one time or another, but how about doing what you can to reset your mindset? It can be done....

The following are 7 Mindsets that undoubtedly will get you motivated into making the most of your Mondays and for that matter, the rest of the week.

(1) Self-trust mindset. Wow, who knew you had it in you? Yes, confidence! Trust in yourself is absolutely key and despite any setback you may have -- and believe me there will be -- trusting yourself will get you closer…

Exercise and Healthy Eating 101

One of the many reasons why I believe it is important to bring up a popular topic -- like exercise and healthy eating -- is because there are so many variations as to what people believe is the best answer. I'm sure most people would agree (I hope so) that exercise and healthy eating are critical components for optimal health, but how good are we at finding excuses not to follow through on doing them? So many excuses -- so little time, right? You hear it all the time at work, with a bunch of friends or even within networking events -- comments like: "How do you find the time to go to the gym so often" or "How annoying that so and so is getting ready to run another marathon" or "How does he/she look so good despite how busy they are"?

Why not start out with simple inspiration that not only may be recommended by friends, family or co-workers, but even more importantly, people who know the reasons why it is so important to exercise and eat well -- like n…

Can You Cheat the Aging Process?

Although people may be living longer today than in previous generations, quality of life cannot be emphasized enough. But, can we cheat the aging process? Let's take a look at a few tidbits of important information to consider.

There is a term called -- super agers -- which refers to a person who is an active senior citizen and whose physiology is years beyond what their average age group is currently. As you read the article, notice the stories of such individuals like Patrick Cangley who traverses great distances on his bicycle.

What has been discovered is that the exercise that Patrick has typically done for years has become less challenging and hence he's felt the need to 'step up his game' to further improve his physical condition. In fact, a recent study from a journal called, Aging Cell, indicates that people like Patrick who are lifetime exercise enthusiasts literally cheat the aging process by circumventing physical decline. How awesome is that!

Such impressiv…

A Paradigm Shift in the Diagnosis of Diabetes, Study

As one can well imagine (or not), we are living in a complex and ever increasingly demanding society that appears to be growing exponentially in ways that need our immediate attention. While there are so many advances in technology, healthcare, agriculture and more, there is an equally alarming growth in chronic disease.

Chronic disease includes a host of diseases and conditions -- including type 2 Diabetes -- that are long-term, costly and above-all largely preventable if we properly care for ourselves. As we see the continued growth of Diabetes for instance, we see that there is more and more to learn about how to live with it and better control it once it has been diagnosed.

Now it has been found that there is a paradigm shift in the diagnosis of diabetes as conducted in the the study found by clicking the link above which illustrates the overall complexity and need to better assess the way we live our lives. It has been found in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology medical jour…