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Honesty: New Ingredient in Food Labels

It is so critical to have credibility in a product, and for that matter your business. As times are changin', so is the need to call large companies -- such as food & beverage companies -- out on their "shenanigans".

What do I mean by this? The integrity and honesty it takes to truly add only those ingredients to their food/beverages that really are contained in the product. Case in point, the Supreme Court decision that states that Coca-Cola can be sued by another Beverage Company, POM Wonderful for deceptive labeling of their juice. Apparently, Coca-Cola labeled a juice "Pomegranate-Blueberry" even though the amount of pomegranate juice contained in the beverage was a miniscule 0.3%!

According to Steve Gardner, the litigation director at the CSPI, Center for Science in the Public Interest activist consumer group, says that such actions can only encourage honest competition.

Such false advertising is being looked at more closely than ever -- thankfully, as a way to protect consumers world-wide.


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