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Do you really value what you feed your body?

Life definitely can have its challenges, right? Whether you are single, you may not always have the choice to find the "right person" for you in a month...and sometimes even a lifetime! What if you are in a bad relationship, yes you can always seek to leave, but perhaps your partner may make that difficult for you. Then, there is the job -- what if you work in a place with a difficult boss or a co-worker that doesn't respect you, difficult right? Sometimes we do have control over the things that place us in uncomfortable situations, but sometimes we don't.

In feeding your body the right kinds of foods -- we definitely have control over that! Why should we feed our bodies well? First off, stop and think about how good your body has been to you. Did you wake up and get out of bed this morning? If so, thank your body for that. Did you have breakfast and/or take a shower before starting your day? I bet you did, then, thank your body for that. Did you have the capacity to…

The NUTRITIONAL magic of Red Onions

Although both garlic and onions have powerful nutrition benefits, I'll focus on red onions for a bit. Perhaps because red onions add such a great dimension to foods. Have you ever tried them in an ordinary sandwich? You should! Carmelized onions takes an ordinary turkey sandwich to another level! Check out the link above to see how to carmelize an onion -- it is well-worth it.

But I digress, in giving your body the additional health boost that it needs can provide you with so many benefits such as simply feeling better, being more alert and aware of your surroundings which ties in with maximizing on your productivity at work or play. Who doesn't like to feel good? Naturally!

This delicious plant has wonderful nutritional properties that include quercetin, allicin and chromium which all assist your body in fighting off cancer before it starts, fighting off bacteria which can lead to unhealthful ailments, keeping your heart healthy, reducing high blood pressure and insulin resi…

14 foods to eat for better productivity

Haven't we all heard any number of those Monday songs, such as: "I don't like Mondays" or "Monday, Monday" or "Manic Monday", why is that? Is it because Mondays are typically seen as "getting back to the grind" or reflective of an onerous week ahead perhaps?

First off, I'm sorry if you feel this way about Mondays and second here is a list of 14 foods that should get you out of that Monday fog. The following is a comprehensive list of foods to eat for better productivity according to the magazine, "Psychology Today".
 BerriesWalnutsYogurt (good choices that are low or non-fat with your own added fruit (like berries) instead of artificial flavors that are added to many yogurtsAvocadosEggsWild SalmonEggplantCoffee (in moderation)Dark chocolate (in moderation)Green teaDark green leafy greensRed wine (in moderation)Whole grainsGarlic What are the foods that won't make your Monday a great one? In doing the opposite of eating …

Then....comes the weekend...

So many times our best intentions can become derailed on the weekends. I myself need to remind myself of this every time another weekend rolls around. But, with a little planning, it doesn't have to be this way. As the week comes to a close, its good to re-visit all the good stuff you've done regarding exercising every day, taking good portion-controlled healthy snacks to work, eating sensibly and even getting enough good "shut-eye" during the week. Why should that all be thrown away when Friday rolls around?
As this article points out, there are various reasons for this. Here is a quick outline to review before Friday arrives:
1) Normally the weekend allows more free time which is a good opportunity to have a longer workout. This could even mean working out and being outdoors -- which normally leads to more walking -- all good stuff.
2) If you have discipline to pack your lunch with healthy snacks during the week, why not continue that on the weekend? In trying…

10 Tips to Eat Healthier...

The challenges of eating healthy....everyone has those challenges, right? Its not impossible to eat healthy, it really boils down to wanting to eat healthy and going out of your way to do just that! The following are 10 great tips to eat healthier from knowing how to grocery shop strategically to finding healthier alternatives to some of the foods we've been used to eating in the past...

8 Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

The following are 8 different foods you can pick up at the grocery store next time you are

It can be so confusing to see what foods are the best ones to eat and which ones you should
avoid. But, hard to go wrong with the following 8 food recommendations from nutritionists...

1) Cauliflower: Low calorie, immunity builder, cancer prevention, and more...

2) Avocados: Healthy fat, full of antioxidants and a superfood.

3) Almond Milk: Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

4) Water: The sustainer of life. Water is essential for many things; namely regulation of body temperature, lubricant for joints, good for blood flow, regulates blood pressure and more...

5) Cinnamon: Helps with blood regulation and an immunity builder.

6) Coconut oil: Improves blood cholesterol levels and helps maintain weight.

7) Beans: Full of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

8) Quinoa: Contains fiber, protein and plenty of iron.

9 Healthier Swaps for your Favorite Junkfoods

It really is amazing to see how ingrained our habits really are -- especially when it comes
to those default foods that we crave from time to time. I mean do most people like crispy
french fries or pizza -- of course they do...and so do I. But, the following food swaps are
healthier and just better for you in the long run. Enjoy the recipes...

9 Healthy Swaps for your favorite junk foods

Article: Back to the Kitchen: Escaping Processed Food

Upon reading this article, it did prompt me to think about how our culture, economy, environ-
ment and our food has changed over the decades.

It is astounding to me that the following statistic is true: "Processed food (as opposed to whole ingredients that must be cooked) accounts for 80 percent of food sold in the United States, in terms of profit. The USDA says we eat 31 percent more packaged food than fresh food, in terms of volume." How we've changed! Ken Albala does a wonderful job in detailing the compelling reasons why it is so important to re-learn those skills -- the skill of cooking -- for various reasons.

For one, he discusses how there has been an abundant interest in food over the past couple of decades with cookbooks and cooking shows, but has that intimidated people from cooking? Has cooking been cast off as a chore or too difficult to do or too time-consuming? Somewhere down the line, with the industrialization of food and economic changes in our societ…

What "Farm-to-Table" means to the next generation

It is interesting to see how farming has changed over the years. It has gone from being a way
of life for so many years to almost completely "dropping out" of existence. Now, farming is
an "in-thing" again and with good reason. With the concern that so many have about where
there food comes from, check out the following article which describes what "farm-to-table"
means to the next generation.

7 Heart Healthy Substitutes

Here are 7 Heart Healthy Substitutes that can be made to your diet plan...

1) Olive Oil/Canola Oil for butter

2) Whole Wheat flour (or oats) for regular white flour

3) Salmon (or sardines, anchovies) for beef

4) Dark leafy greens like kale or arugula for iceberg lettuce

5) Herbs and spices for salt

6) Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate (in moderation of course)

7) Whole fruits or apple sauce (read the label for added sugars!) for refined sugar.

10 Foods to Improve Your Mood

Many times when a new week starts, it is up to you to set the mood for the week. Will it be a
stressful week or will it be a good one? Along the way though, it is helpful to know of some
foods that definitely work in your favor when it comes to setting the right mood for the week.

Check out the following 10 foods to improve your mood here:

1) Believe me, I've done the simple carb solution (like chips or pretzels) and it really doesn't
work. A good suggestion is pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are full of vitamins and minerals,
namely magnesium, which is also a brain food!

2) Dark leafy greens like spinach or kale. Not crazy for these in a salad? Mix it up and try
roasted kale chips or a delicious spinach salad with a little (moderate) amount of warm bacon dressing to add flavor.

3) Eggs are awesome! I guess I say that too because I just love them! You could make them
in a variety of ways. On the weekend, a good egg scramble with a little (moderate amount) of parmesan cheese and…

Incorporating Meditation into a Healthy Lifestyle

The more complex our lives become, the more we want to control those outcomes to be more manageable. But, really -- what is manageable? Is it in skipping lunch with friends or not
watching an extra hour of T.V. at night? Is it in minimizing social media sites like checking
out Facebook every 30 minutes? It varies from person to person.

One thing for sure -- we shouldn't neglect ourselves from meditating or relaxing when we
can as it can prove to be so beneficial to our health. This article delves more deeply into why
meditation is important, especially if you are on a tight budgeted schedule everyday. The one
constant determinant for everyone is that there is no escaping the fact that there are 24 hours
in a day -- it is in how we use those hours that makes the difference.

For one, meditation is good for stress management and can certainly be a great preventative
measure for so many chronic diseases that exist today. It has been found that stress can
influence our state of being -…

Making the most of your vegetables....

While it is true that most vegetables are not fattening and are super good for you -- that is great to know, right? Along the way of implementing more vegetables in one's diet plan, especially when it includes rearranging someone else's diet plan, i.e., husband, parents, children, it may not be received so well.

So much of what we don't know about trying new ingredients in our diet is that they may actually surprise us, especially if you use carefully crafted ingredients to go along with the vegetables. Example? Most people love potatoes -- but, one thinks of how they are prepared like with butter, sourcream and salt. Suddenly, your intention of eating healthier turns into disaster with all of those unneeded ingredients that make that potatoes calorie/fat content skyrocket and defeat the purpose of eating healthy in the first place!

Typically a potato when baked without all of that extra stuff is really good for you. On its own, a potato has little saturated fat, cholester…

What is Nutritional Balance?

There is no doubt that balance -- in just about anything can be challenging. In today's fast-paced world, it can be especially hard to maintain nutritional balance. What is meant by this? Well, it really comes down to eating the right amount of calories for your body type and making sure you get the a healthy range of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates & fats) as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals that are needed in small amounts).

Maintaining a stable healthy weight also includes how well your body works such as having healthy blood-pressure and cholesterol. No Doubt as we get older and our metabolisms slow, it is more difficult to maintain, but it can be done! Enjoy the challenge...

Conflicts of interest in nutrition research:

It pays to know the source of information one reads in order to make a good assessment or valuation of what they should or should not eat. 

Take note in the article below: "Note the presence of companies making processed foods whose sales would decline if people ate more fruits and vegetables."

Conflicts of interest in nutrition research:

Shopping "Whole Foods" on a budget

This definitely might be possible -- that is, if one sticks with a plan and doesn't veer away from it. Whole Foods Market has jokingly been known as "Whole Paycheck" for its expensive foods...and it certainly can be -- but, it doesn't have to be that way.

It makes sense to make some changes, such as:

1) Shop on the outside aisles first. These areas include the fresh produce, meat/seafood and dairy.
It even has been suggested to shop the perimeter of the grocery store by the Mayo Clinic for leading a Healthier Lifestyle here.

2) Shop for meat/seafood at the lower prices. Because Whole Foods does already have pretty high standards, its hard to go wrong with a cheaper cut of something.

3) When all else fails, ask the professionals like the butcher or fishmonger for help. It's their job!

4) Buying produce in season is highly recommended -- not only for freshness, but for the best nutritional value. Check out the following seasonal calendar here. Another great thing a…

19 Great Ideas for a Delicious and Healthy 4th of July....

No need to resort to unsavory chicken wings or loads of overly processed foods. Check out the following:

19 Recipe Ideas for the 4th of July

Creating a healthier party spread

It's a long weekend -- BBQ anyone? Absolutely! Keeping it a bit healthier doesn't mean it will not be a great success though with the following party spread ideas for the 4th of July....

Americans and Wellness Programs

In this article, "Poll: Americans Bristle At Penalties In Wellness Programs", there is no doubt that there will be some kind of repercussion to any form of wellness program penalty. Justifiable? In some cases, absolutely. What about those who don't participate in the program for whatever reason? Is it fair for them to have extra charges to their health insurance bill if those that are participating don't meet their company's goals? Clearly, it seems that there are details to "iron" out with how these programs are conducted.

By in large, it seems that most people are indeed supportive of having healthier choices offered to them in order to promote healthier lifestyle behaviors. But, for those not participating -- they may see being penalized with higher insurance premiums as unfair -- once again, justifiably. But, it will be interesting to see how these well-intentioned Wellness Programs work out in the long run.

For more information, refer to the follow…

What Is Clean Eating?

We've heard quite a bit about "clean eating" these days. It doesn't refer to how "clean" your food is (although we sure hope it is), but rather how good the food is for your body. There can be different terms applied to clean food -- like, "slow food" or  even "real food" or "whole food".

For whatever terminology you prefer going with, the concept is pretty much the same. Stick to as close to unprocessed foods as possible, eat to make it count -- nutritionally speaking. Respect and know where your food comes from and how it arrived at your table.

We've all gotta eat, right? But, it is in choosing the right kinds of foods to eat that will do so much to determine our productivity for the day, how "clean" our complexions are and how "fit" our bodies will be. In thinking about how food can truly be part of a healthy and delicious lifestyle choice, your lifestyle choice will no doubt improve no matter what!