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Staying healthy during the holidays?

This time of year can no doubt put extra stress on just about anybody. And making sure you are eating right during this busy time is even more important as it contributes to building a healthy immune system.

It really is amazing how fragile we are if you stop and think about it. Sure, there are those moms and dads out there working extra hours to make sure their kids stockings are filled or young healthy people who believe they can do it all. It is quite possible that they can do it all -- but, there are limits. It is so easy to pick up germs from just shaking someone's hand who is just getting over a cold or someone who sneezes in a busy store that does not cover their mouth. Germs are out there.

So a few good tips to make sure to follow during this busy time? Here are 5 great tips, but one that I am adding to this list is certainly underrated -- sleep! For one sleep is the time your body rests and replenishes and the time when healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels h…

How to Eat Healthy: 5 Easy Tips

Isn't this the dreaded thing to think about -- especially at holiday time -- eating healthy. But, it doesn't have to be that way. What's the point of avoiding the Christmas Party or Happy Hour if you are obsessed with losing control of what you eat? Of course what ends up happening many times is quite the opposite. It means going to the Christmas Party or Happy Hour and...well...throwing caution to the wind. Sound familiar?

The following are 5 new tips to keep in mind for ways to eat healthier. A few other topics that are helpful in approaching a healthier way of eating are covered in the article, like:

The easy thing to do while shopping that prevents you from buying junk food.How to not fall for the tricks and traps of restaurants.The 2 secrets to not snacking too much at the office.How to stay disciplined at events and holiday gatherings — without making the host feel bad.How superheroes can help you make better food choices.

7 Foods To Make You Happy

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it seems that tempers are shorter, crowds are bigger than ever and people are just too busy to take the time to enjoy the moment.

In showing gratitude -- even for the smallest things like waking up in the morning pain free and having your own coffee, a nice shower and even a meal before you go out the door is something special.

Something else that is special? Making the most of foods that make us happy. Nothing can be more meaningful during the holiday season than boosting your immunity with delicious foods that not only make us happy, but they can also inspire us to be more grateful for the things we have. Below are the 7 Happiness Foods....

Chile peppersSpinachPoultryWild SalmonTomatoesGarlicChocolate

Food Matters: You are what you eat

It is true that what we eat affects not only our health, but our planet. In the following well-written overview about how much food really does matter, several good points are made such as:
Be conscious of what you are eating. Make changes -- good ones -- to your diet.Support your local farmers.Spread the word and speak out.Consider a job/career related to environmental public health. Imagine if we as a people join together more frequently in speaking out for better food options and supporting the 5 points made above? Childhood obesity and all the ramifications that come from preventable chronic diseases related to food/lifestyle changes could be minimized and even virtually wiped out. Now that would really matter, wouldn't you say?
Check out the article here to learn more about various topics surrounding sustainable choices, local food and simply creating a healthier environment in our schools, etc....

The Kurbo Story: In the fight against childhood obesity via an app

If SLOW is good for food, Why not MEDICINE?

In this interesting perspective from a teacher of medical students and residents, a comparison is made with regard to why the idea of slow food is not applied to medicine. The Slow Food mantra consists of caring (by promoting holistic alternatives to the industrial system), cultivating (teaching the importance of growing and preparing food responsibly) and finally, connecting (prioritizing wholesome living).
Now, apply those principles of Slow Food to Medicine and some correlations can be made. In both instances of Slow Food and Slow Medicine there is no doubt a response to the industrialization of medicine and more often than not, unnecessary medical care which generally makes costs exorbitantly high. Additionally, the healthcare system can be quite cumbersome for patients as well as doctors.
As a great example of how Slow Medicine would be most helpful, it is best exemplified by family doctor and author Dennis McCullough. "He argues that in caring for the elderly, we doctors need…

How well do you know your nutrition basics?

Take the quiz which reveals essentials for some of nutrition's basics...

How Well Do You Know Your Nutrition Basics?

How eating healthy & unhealthy affects your body

I heard a remark not long ago from someone who wanted to know how foods that are unhealthy for you really affect your body. The question asked was something along the line of: "how quickly does that Big Mac metabolize in your body and why does it taste so good when you eat it"? I found that to be such an interesting question. For starters maybe a Big Mac may taste good to so many because food scientists work on making processed foods to be delicious for so many -- additionally, the price seems to be right.

But, eating healthfully boosts your energy -- both mental and physical, and it also helps you sleep better, be in a better mood and decrease risk of disease. Doesn't everyone want to feel good and be healthy? Many people may not know how to get there in terms of being healthy, but in reading the following article, it's a really good place to start.