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The Body-Wrecking Effects of Too Little Sleep

So, is everyone in the holiday spirit yet? As we prepare to greet the visiting relatives as well as making sure our additional tasks are completed before Christmas, don't forget to take care of your health.
In making sure that our holidays are as enjoyable as possible, it is important to also keep ourselves as healthy as possible. This means that we should not only be eating right and washing our hands throughout the day to avoid picking up nasty germs, but sleeping enough too. 
Learn about the consequences of not getting enough sleep and how it can affect the body in ways that can lead to colds, digestive issues, mood swings and more. Read about the body-wrecking effects of too little sleep here to find out more. 

WSJ: Weight Watchers' Plan: Don't Call It a 'Diet'

It occurred to me that it has been some time since I've posted to my blog. But, there is a good reason for this aside from the fact that perhaps I've "slacked off" just a little. Apologies.

As I approach completing my Health Coach Certification fairly soon, this article that I've posted a link to below resonated with me so much with regard to our diet. That word 'diet' just gives me the chills. Why can't we simply call it, "eating sensibly" or "eating for health," -- at least, that is what it should be. Imagine if we all ate more sensibly, we more than likely wouldn't be facing the vast amount of chronic diseases that we are seeing today that are -- well, largely -- lifestyle related. 
Weight Watchers' Plan will hopefully be a successful one as they approach diet with a focus from one of deprivation to a healthy view of fitness and motivation. There is no doubt that we all have different genes that make us all different -- s…

The Future of Medicine Is Food

Well, at last! After all this time, maybe our real medicine & real food hero -- the late Hippocrates -- is making a come back -- or at least many of his teaching principles starting with "let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food".

It looks like there has been an increase in medical students who -- when not studying their many life-saving skills in medicine -- are taking to some basic kitchen skills in sautéing, mincing and cooking healthy meals.

Check out the article, "The Future of Medicine Is Food".

Guest Post Review for the Up Beet Kitchen

Recently I had the terrific opportunity to learn about a really great online organization called the Up Beet Kitchen that literally teaches anyone to prepare and cook a delicious and healthy meal with step-by-step instruction, videos and beautiful crisp pictures! How cool is that! 
Even for any "naysayer" out there that may say they don't have the time to cook -- or those that may say I don't know how to cook -- you've got to check out the Up Beet Kitchen!
Along my quest for linking the importance of good food to better health through my own blog, I also have had the privilege to get to know who is behind this group through a mutual friend. The Upbeet Kitchen "speaks the same language that Food Wisz-dom does" and I'm pleased to share a bit about them.
I've attached a link below to a guest post that I've written about the Upbeet Kitchen and hope you enjoy getting a chance to learn more about the organization's founder who comes from a he…

What's the Real Scoop with Bacon?

So it seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally and firmly indicated that Bacon is  NOT a good food to eat, but that it also is one of those processed meats that causes cancer. Is it real news to just about anyone that bacon is really not good for you? It seems that every time I've gone out to breakfast somewhere -- whether its meeting friends for brunch or vacation -- it is almost inevitable that bacon is usually (not always) one of those foods that is requested, isn't it? Perhaps not everyone eats bacon with frequency -- and it becomes more of a treat -- as it should be. Does one have to completely block out the idea that a slice of bacon on rare occasion is okay? But, how can one escape indulging occasionally on a slice of bacon or a slice of cheese cake or a crumbly, flaky donut?
It just seems that when news comes out -- such as this article about bacon -- there is a general "freak out" by just about everyone. Maybe I just find it a bit over the…

Are these 7 Super foods Actually Super?

What is a super food?

According to this Life Science blog, super foods are foods that are mostly plant-based, but can also include some fish and dairy that is full of nutrients and hence, good for overall health. Foods included in this category include blueberries, salmon, kale and a few more!
But, just an FYI, there is no set criteria for determining what is and what is not a superfood according to the American Heart Association. It does seem that the term "superfood" has become more of a marketing term used to make people aware of the nutritional values in these foods. There definitely are a lot of other excellent food choices and as we all have heard, moderation, portion control and variety are key elements to nutrition!
Here is the list of 7 super foods to learn more about....
Are These 7 Superfoods Actually Super?

A Diet to Boost Your Mood and Energy Level

Here we are Monday again. The start of a fresh week for many. But, how will this week be different from any other week? Will you be more energized, will you be moodier, will you be pleasant to be around? So much of our mood and our energy is greatly influenced by not only getting enough rest, but in eating the right foods.

Here is a diet to boost your mood and your energy level.

There are some really good tips in the article and one I really need to re-visit from time to time is that drinking plenty of water (staying hydrated) helps with keeping you alert. "Some studies suggest that even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism and sap your energy"!

I don't always remember to drink the amount of water that I should, but in reading this information, it reminds me to drink up the good stuff whenever possible!

The Truth About Detoxing

Doesn't it seem that you usually hear about someone going on a detox cleanse after a holiday or getting back from vacation or something along those lines? What ever happened to just trying to cut out processed foods -- not all of them are bad (like canned vegetables or canned beans), but most found on the shelf at your local grocery store aren't the best for our health. But, don't we already know this? They are just convenient foods to have around, but for many, they have replaced the 'good foods' to have more of like fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, lean meats and fish. 
In getting back to detoxing though, perhaps people are believing that they'll slim down (yes, that usually happens), but are you really "cleaning" or detoxifying the body? The human body is pretty amazing and on it's own, it does a really good job of doing just that -- detoxifying and eliminating what we don't need!
As Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D.,C.D.N., states:  &q…

Why do some people who eat fast food not gain weight?

This question has perplexed me and I do think about it from time to time. Why is it that some people you may know (or you yourself) can eat this stuff and still remain -- well, thin? While we are in quite a dilemma with the foods we eat in this country (the SAD diet or Standard American Diet), many may think it is completely unfair to see "skinny" people get away with the foods we should be avoiding. The things to focus on though is not so much the foods that they are eating, but what is that food substance ultimately doing to their bodies? Sooner or later the truth will reveal itself.

It has been shown to us from numerous reliable sources that fast foods are full of sugars, artificial chemicals which also makes them completely devoid of any nutritional value. In fact, most of what is sold in say a Burger King or McDonald's doesn't even constitute as real food. Thus begs the question -- what is natural? The natural ingredients that are in our foods are but the least …

The 7 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Yes, we may know what some of the healthiest foods on the planet are, but do we eat them regularly? The following are 7 of the Healthiest Foods we can all be sure to eat.

1) Green Apples (with the skin on)
The benefits one can get from one of these apples is well...fruitful. These contain healthy fiber and polyphenols. Polyphenols are micronutrients that can be found in our diet and assist with the prevention of degenerative diseases -- like cancer and heart disease.

2) Lentils
Lentils are legumes that are quick and easy to prepare with the added benefit of plenty of long-lasting fiber that keep us feeling full. Lentils also help with disease prevention and minimize inflammation. Great recipe for lentils? How about some easy lentil soup?

3) Walnuts
Walnuts are known for their anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids which prove to be great for the heart! In fact, with just a few walnuts as a daily snack, blood-flow to the heart is greatly improved, which in turn works toward the preventi…

So, What About Body Image? Does It Even Matter?

I felt so inclined to write a blog post about this article because it affects so many people -- particularly women -- about the perfect body image that we believe (or want) to have. The thing is there is enough pressure to work on eating a diet with all of the right food/nutritional components in the right amounts -- but, let's not add "fuel to the fire" by expecting to have a perfect physique! After all, it is in those little imperfections that we find ourselves being who we are -- human!
First and foremost, my main objective as you might see from my blog is to provide tips and sound advice as to eating healthier, serving portion-sized amounts of food, exercising and following overall wellness guidelines that include more than just food. 
This article describes a woman who is an avid, strong and fit yoga teacher, yet she still feels a bit of a body complex from time to time. Don't most or all of us? As the writer of this article so succinctly put it: 
"Still h…

The Effects of Drinking a Coke

How much are you influenced by the wise words of a stranger as opposed to the wise words of a physician, nurse or pharmacist? There more than likely is a difference in who we listen to, after all, we seek the advice from those who have experience, knowledge and expertise in an area, right?

In reading this article about what drinking a coke does to your body in a span of an hour piqued my interest -- especially since it came from a pharmacist. As you can guess, a pharmacist is a pretty wise resource to pay attention to, so hence, this article got my attention.

Here's What Happens One Hour After Drinking a Coke. A recording of what occurred within the hour of drinking a coke was recorded, to find out the results, read the article.....

Read about: The Dorito Effect

Doritos is one of those recognizable brands that most everyone knows about -- high, middle and low income and everyone in between. When it comes to a summer party or B-B-Q or the Superbowl, most party planners have several of the Doritos varieties to offer up to their guests, right? What is it about Doritos that everyone loves so much! 
In his book, The Dorito Effect by Journalist Mark Schatzker, he talks about the missing link to what adds to our obesity epidemic -- flavor. While it is true that too much salt, sugar and fat is what we crave, all of those ingredients enhance the flavors of such junk foods as Doritos making them irresistible to just about anyone. 
How is it that BIG FOOD has mastered the production of such products? How has that affected our taste for the fruits and vegetables that mother nature provides us? Could it be that to many, these particular fruits and vegetables and even meat have become bland over time due to the overconsumption of junk food that has assist…

Genome Magazine: Food As Medicine

As I've been diligently reading various articles, magazines, pamphlets, books surrounding our food acting as medicine -- or not -- this article from Genome Magazine gives another fresh perspective. Yes, we already know that food can act as medicine and we already know "you are what you eat", but what if we could "eat for who we are"? 
Genome magazine uncovers more than what we already know about people and their great obsession with food and diets of all kinds, but how do our genetics come into play? Why is it that we know generally that broccoli is really good for us, but why is it that some people react negatively toward it? Now, I'm not talking about those that don't even like the taste of broccoli or those that would prefer eating anything else aside from the vegetable, but it has been found that peoples' bodies can react negatively toward a food.
Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of how our genes interact with nutrition. This can be very h…

Quiz: Best & Worst Foods for Belly Fat

In case you haven't heard: Belly fat is definitely not good. Generally speaking, being overweight is not good for our bodies, but the particular area of the belly is one to avoid at all cost if possible. Why? Belly fat adds more health risk to our bodies, such as diabetes and heart disease among other dangerous risks. 
It is also believed that belly fat is dangerous because it is scientifically believed that abdominal fat breaks down into fatty acids. Fatty acids are essentially the "building blocks" of the fat in our bodies. To learn more about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, take the quiz challenge.

Nutrition Action Cover Story: 7 Reasons To Walk

Making a lifestyle change that incorporates physical activity on a daily basis may not be as daunting as one would think. The June Issue of Nutrition Action discusses the importance of walking and covers 7 different reasons why walking is so very good for you. 
1) Build a bigger, sharper brain. As Arthur Kramer, a University of Illinois psychologist points out,"Walking definitely affects the brains of adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Exercising by walking tends to buy you a few extra years of avoiding Alzheimer's and other dementias. If we had a drug that would do that, we'd pay anything for it". 
2) Live Longer. As Charles Matthews of the National Cancer Institute stated, Americans typically spend two-thirds of their day sitting and that's equivalent to almost two full-time jobs every week! That's a lot of sitting. And it has a really negative effect on our health."
3) Ease your aching knees. Being mobile and "out and about" is very crucial,…

WSJ: 8 Important and Current Food Issues

Food is one of those topics that is talked about, discussed, debated and even loved by just about everyone. Whether it be an elementary student talking about how bad the food tastes in the cafeteria or the college student who is upset that there are no "vegan options" in their cafeteria or the hard-working employee who simply refuses to eat anything from their cafeteria in lieu of bringing lunch from home -- everyone one has something good or bad to say about food. 
We are in a time of complete unrest when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner on a Tuesday night because there is no time to make anything "healthy" -- and well -- let's be honest, there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the way home from work. How easy is that? But, perhaps much to the disappointment of many food manufacturers and fast-food restaurant chains, people are putting some thought into what they are eating. Don't get me wrong, there is still a very large percentage of people out…

Check Your Fruit and Veggie Consumption...Really....

While it appears that Fruit and Vegetable Consumption really is down everywhere, what will it take to change that latest finding from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)? It seems that apparently there is not enough reason to make the change. Upon looking at the latest preventable chronic diseases that we currently have worldwide, you'd think that eating your fruits and veggies is good enough reason to make a positive change that will add quality years to a healthy, good life. 
Understandably, it can be hard to make the change to eating a meal with half fruits/veggies on one's plate; especially, if you haven't grown up eating that way, right? But, how is it that there are those people that don't necessarily grow up eating fruits and vegetables regularly, yet they make the change necessary knowing it will only benefit their health in the end? Do they have more will power than another or do they just train themselves to be that way? Isn't the reward…

Cooking Healthy for One

Many people -- including myself from time to time -- cook for one person. And, this can be a tricky ordeal, right? I mean who really wants to make a home cooked meal every night or pack a lunch for work? But, it can be done and the pay off is magnificent. It just takes time to make it a habit, cooking healthy for one that is, a habit worth having in one's life.

Check out the following article that actually does have a grocery shopping list of healthy ingredients to buy -- for one person.

Be Your Own Nutrition Detective!

Yes, this is possible to do. Be Your Own Nutrition Detective!

Don't you agree that there is so much deception with regard to food purchases at the grocery store? What any innocent observer might think of as a food full of nutritious ingredients could actually be the furtherest from the truth! As this article on becoming your own nutrition detective points out, it is important for individuals to take matters into their own hands and learn what ingredients are in their foods. 
So, for starters, try to understand what the food label is saying. If we can remember that food manufacturers are doing what they can to entice the buyer into buying their product -- without regard to nutrition -- then, we can become more aware of potential dangers in food. In other words, they are trying to make a profit off of the consumer from the foods that they market and so are hoping it is their food that is picked!
Would any responsible parent leave their child in the care of a total stranger? Of cours…

Cancer-fighting spices to flavor up your weekend B-B-Q

The beauty of cooking or B-B-Q'g is that it is as creative as you want it to be. Try these spices out in your B-B-Q sauce or latest cooking creation....

Cancer-fighting spices offer flavorful ways to eat healthy

"Diet Shakes Unhealthy for Children"

There is great debate on whether a "smoothie" can replace (or should replace) a regular meal. For starters, several things should be considered such as what's contained in the smoothie to begin with -- like  sugar and extra fat. But, in supplying kids -- whose bodies haven't even fully matured -- is drastic. 
It has been found that the human brain doesn't even fully develop until age 25. So, how will a smoothie that can easily be altered to a sweeter state (kids typically like sweets and more than likely wouldn't even have a smoothie if it wasn't sweet) without the benefits of nature's own nutritious ingredients possibly add up? 
Nutrition experts agree that having parents "indulge" their kids with such food products can actually be causing serious harm to their kids' mental and physical health. Additionally, with our media touting the wonders of being thin and beautiful at any cost is already infiltrating the minds of kids who shouldn&…

Staying Connected Is Crucial to Staying Healthy

In a world that is now flourishing with an abundance of personal trackers and apps that people can use to measure their own health, personal empowerment has become more possible than ever before.

But, it is important to note that personal empowerment is a process that becomes more meaningful once workable goals are put into place. Further, it is in working toward a goal and noting the progress along the way with observation, knowledge and the self-confidence to initiate self-motivation with positive behavioral change that true progress can be made. 
There is no doubt that making attempts to "stay healthy" can be challenging for even those of us who are motivated to staying healthy. We have so many "hiccups" along the way with the availability of fast food, too much stress with work/family/projects and more that some serious thought needs to take place in our lives if we want to be successful and happy. 
Here is where "connectivity" can lead us to further…

6 Tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

This is invaluable information for just about anyone, right? It's helpful to know that you can still eat healthy and delicious foods and not lose your mind while losing your budget!

Here are the 6 tips....

1) Emphasize in-season produce

2) Know when to skip organic...

3) Don't be afraid of store brands

4) Take advantage of frozen convenience

5) Buy in bulk

6) Save some for later.

Smart Ways to Invest in Your Health

While it may seem that investing in your health takes time that you just don't have, think again. Imagine yourself working and doing what you love and feeling good to boot! There is nothing in the world that beats that. For those people who work and just don't like what they do, imagine how much worse work would for them if they didn't take care of themselves. There is no doubt that statistically and logically, exercise is simply good for your body and overall health. 
There will always be those people that will also say that Chocolate covered peanut M&M's just taste so much better than grapes or watermelon or an apple. Perhaps in simply realizing that you will feel so much better after having fresh fruit instead eating a bunch of M&M's might be enough for change. But, that may not be enough for someone to want to "upgrade" their habit to a newer and healthier one. Simply in knowing that with time and in eating foods that don't add to your ov…

9 Nutrients You Aren't Getting Enough Of....

We've all heard that having a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables is good for us; and, we've also heard that eating a variety of portion-sized foods are good for us; yet, there are still some foods that are  overlooked. There is no doubt that in feeling your best, you've got to nourish yourself with nutritious foods. Haven't you ever felt like you were craving something to eat, but you just didn't know what it was? Maybe there is something missing in your diet....
Here are 9 nutrients to get to know more intimately:
(1) Vitamin A This fat-soluble vitamin is crucial for proper cell growth and function.It is needed to keep and maintain normal vision as well as building & maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Also helps with maintaining healthy gums, bones, and teeth.It can be found in foods like liver, eggs, butter, a variety of dark green, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits like mango and cantaloupe.  (2) Vitamin D We already know that Vitamin D…

Food Politics: The Lancet Series on Obesity Policy

There is a substantial amount of information with regard to obesity policy...

Here is the link to those articles....

The Lancet Series on Obesity Policy

The Lancet is the world's leading general medical journal that also happens to be independent. The focus of what is contained in the journal varies from international news to every aspect of human health. In short, it is a reputable source that also focuses on sound, intelligent information that physicians need to further their clinical knowledge as well as giving them pertinent information with regard to the latest research and best practices. 

WSJ: Let Fat Back Into Your Life

The benefits of adding yogurt to your diet are numerous. In finding so many benefits from digestive health to osteoporosis prevention to reducing the risk of high blood pressure, yogurt fans are in luck!
In this thought-provoking article found in the Wall Street Journal, yogurt is becoming more synonymous with full-fat versions as opposed to just non-fat or low-fat versions. It has been found that the full-fat yogurt is creamier and actually more satisfying as well and to add to that -- a healthier, delicious substitute for ice-cream! What could be better!
According to this article, there has been some research with findings of lower obesity risk due to the consumption of dairy fat. Incredible. The thing to watch out for in choosing the right yogurt for you is not just in the calorie-counting, but in how much satiety potential it has. In fact, "you might consume more calories eating full-fat dairy products, but if it's saving you from eating a 300-calorie candy bar a few hou…

WSJ: Your Body's Witching Hours

The news of so many chronic diseases that we are currently under siege with now-a-days is astounding. We've known everything from the likes of Childhood Obesity to Diabetes 1 and 2 and even 3 -- heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, food allergies and so much more. But, what is not in the news as frequently as it should be are such issues surrounding the importance of paying attention to our circadian rhythms. There are such things as the worst time of day for your health that should not be ignored. Examples? Blood pressure and core body temperature is lowest over night, our stress hormone, Cortisol, is higher in the early morning and heartburn is more common in the evening....
As you read the article -- "Your Body's Witching Hours" -- its important to note that following a natural pattern to the way our body's are built adds complexity to our own being. It's not just about "counting carbs" or "cutting out processed foods" it's …

Safe Eating: Personalized Food Identities

In this age of high technology use along with an overabundance of people who want to know where there food comes from, there is always the added mystery of what foods may be the right ones to eat for everyone. After all, we know for example that on a "grand" scale broccoli is good for us nutritionally, but it may not be good for someone who has trouble eating cruciferous vegetables.  Many times the health benefits of such a vegetable outweigh the unattractive side effects of what broccoli can cause in people -- namely, bloating, gas and some gastrointestinal discomfort, maybe even worse. Or another version of why broccoli may not be everyone's favorite is that it was improperly cooked when they were growing up, it "stunk up the house" or it just tasted bad. But, what about those people that legitimately believe they can't or won't eat it because it just doesn't sit well with them? This leads us to those foods that we know are good for us, but perha…

The Latest News on The Property Protection Act....

The information revealed in the article below is astounding and unbelievable. How can our society continue to progress in an ethical way if such issues as factory farm abuse goes untold -- or worse, "swept under the carpet" for no one to document?

How will this Act -- if passed -- affect our environment and economy as well? Some food for thought...

Will North Carolina Make It Illegal to Document Abuse On Factory Farms?

Food Technology For All

In this interesting perspective discussed in the article, "Food Technology For All", food technologies are focusing more on doing things more economically for not only the larger food corporation, but for the small farm as well. We are still in the process of seeing many technologies evolve to capacities that will allow more efficient data analysis as an example. This in turn will help retailers and producers lower costs and stay competitive. 
The new approach to what is considered to be a new food economy will not only remain competitive, but it will become more innovative and provide a landscape to a variety of investors making the industrial model that has existed for decades, to become obsolete. This business report encapsulates what this new food economy is about through what we are currently seeing in the market with the financing of food start ups, development of new foods and even in how consumers are shopping and eating.
To learn more about how this new food econom…

List of Healthy Carbohydrates

For many people looking for the best way to lose weight -- may not truly be -- the best way. Sure, while summertime approaches many are concerned about looking "svelte" in their wardrobe or swimsuit, but has nutrition been overlooked in the equation of what really constitutes a healthy diet? Are people more concerned about getting into a smaller pair of jeans or a smaller size of clothes as soon as possible in lieu of getting to a healthy weight over a longer period of time? Just as our society has dictated to us what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, what happened to simply eating sensibly? To add to that, there has been so much confusion even with what constitutes a carbohydrate.
Carbohydrates are actually the most important source to creating the energy that our bodies need to function properly. So, in hearing so many "buzz" words out there like, "I'm going on a low-carb diet" or "I'm avoiding carbs all together" can be a pretty …

A Few Good Eating Tips On How To Diet

So, I was reading a special report provided by Nutrition, on ways to safely and effectively eat healthy to stay healthy. It makes sense that good eating habits just build upon a better way of living, but, why is it so hard for so many? Perhaps in reading and abiding by some simple rules, healthy habits can be gained -- instead of gaining weight in an unhealthy, non-nutritious way.
I'd posted some of the Best Basic Foods You can Eat on a previous post, now to expand on that there are some great variations to dips and soups to add to your diet. Some of those dips and soups that come to mind are a basic guacamole with avocado and thawed frozen green peas! To find the recipe go to the Nutrition Action's 121Good-Eating tips. There are plenty more, but read about other recipes by going to the link above. 
Also, by going to the 121 Good Eating tips, you can learn about some quick healthy snacks, delicious vegetables and side dishes, some easy main courses, healthy fruits …

Nutrition Action: 9 Basic Best Foods to Eat

It has been awhile since I've posted. Apologies, I was away on a short vacation. But, during that time, I would have to say that sometimes you need to "unplug" from your regular life and see what you come up with "eating-wise" when you are away from home.

By in large, I was pretty good, but in reviewing the following 9 basic good foods to eat, it reminded me that it really is not that hard to "get back on the horse". You just need to want to do it, wouldn't you agree?

So, here are your 9 foods:

1) Cantaloupe: Just a small portion of this fruit provides you enough vitamins A & C to last throughout the day.

2) Sweet Potatoes: So delicious and easy to prepare! These potatoes have a ton of great vitamin C, potassium for a healthy heart beat, muscle movement and great nerve balance and fiber.

3) Fat-free (skim) or Low-Fat Milk is a great source of calcium, vitamins and little to no saturated fat.

4) Oranges are not only delicious, but they have vit…

7 Food Pairings for Successful Weight Loss

There is more to food than meets the eye and there are so many wonderful compliments to food as well -- like, spices! But, in this particular case, let me stick to the following 7 foods that are so beneficial to us, especially when paired together.

7 More Food Pairings That Dial Up Your Weight Loss

1) Bananas and Spinach

2) Tuna and Ginger

3) Apples and Watermelon

4) Corn and Beans

5) Coffee and Cinnamon

6) Potatoes and Black Pepper

7) Yogurt and Raspberries

Will Poor People Buy Healthier Food If They Can?

There certainly is more to eliminating food deserts in areas where healthy food is not readily available to residents in a neighborhood. Urban areas where affordable or good, higher quality fresh food is difficult to buy doesn't always equate to poorer people becoming "instantly healthier" merely because they have a higher quality grocery store in the neighborhood.

Yes, many people in underserved neighborhoods want to know that the food they purchase for their families and themselves is good, but how can they all know what foods are better and more nutritious for them when they haven't typically bought their food that way? There are several issues to consider for many people -- not just poorer people -- with regard to changing the way they buy food and the food marketers of America who don't make it easier for them to do so. For one, junk foods or processed foods are typically much cheaper and more abundant than say fresh fruits and vegetables and for another, fo…

How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants

Eating is one of the pleasures of life and surrendering

How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants

How Physicians Can Promote Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It is most certain that creating and keeping a healthy habit can be difficult. But, what really makes someone want to live a healthier lifestyle? What motivates someone to want to go on a diet or simply get healthier -- is it because a friend or loved one tells us to do so? What makes us want to change a behavior. Is it out of personal need and necessity? And, why is it so hard to stick to it, especially when there are so many temptations out there to mess us up.  It is pretty clear that even those that we believe should know a better way to promote a healthy lifestyle, i.e., your doctor, finds it difficult to promote that healthy change. Then, to add to the mix, there may be  confusion for a patient who is prescribed medication for a particular ailment to eat the right kinds of foods.  Much to the benefit of patients, doctors and the general public, there is a program called "The Americans in Motion-Healthy Interventions (AIM-HI)" research study that is currently being pro…

Restaurant Revolution: Healthier Menus MAKE Healthier Profits

I was speaking with a friend the other day who has an 8-year-old in school and we spoke about the food that is found in schools. Yes, although we are on the verge of making positive changes with regard to providing better nutrition in schools, there still is resistance. Kids still have a strong influence from television, their parents and even other kids. My friend even mentioned how going to restaurants can be "tricky" when ordering for her child because many of the "go to" items on the kids menu isn't very nutritionally sound.
And for every nutritionist (including myself) and every dietician or healthcare professional that I speak with regarding food, the bottom line is that there needs to be better balance, better portion control, healthier choices and reasonably priced food that won't break the bank. If going to a restaurant with the family means "splurging" and getting extra sauce, more fries or even soda, it looks like there could be more p…

The Untapped Potential of Wasted Food

For those of us who love food from a great restaurant or a terrific home cooked meal -- and, frankly, who doesn't -- many times the thought of food waste just isn't appealing, right? But, in looking at the "big picture," it is a matter of being the best we can be. What do I mean by this? As a people of this planet, who is going to take care of our environment and be socially responsible if we don't do it? It's a matter of taking matters into our own hands and doing something constructive with it. That is what chef Roy Choi is doing. He seems to be on a pretty good path I'd say. Chef Roy Choi, who is best known for his work in bringing the food-truck movement to a recognizable place at America's table, is also wanting to bring high quality sustainable food to the urban mainstream that is competitively priced and shows the promise of minimizing food waste. How cool is that?!?!
In recognizing that many restaurants today waste tons of food in the blink of …