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Eating Out Healthy While Traveling

Here we are -- Friday. Usually when the weekend is upon us as it is today, we may think "trip", let's go somewhere! It may not always happen, but when weekends come -- especially long weekends -- we think trips or getaways, don't we? I know I do. Eating healthy while traveling doesn't have to be awful.

But so many times the one thing we forget are the foods we eat. Many times, because we aren't following a routine schedule and we see trips more for pleasure, we throw caution to the wind and say "what the heck" let's eat what we want! But here are some good tips to add to your "things to do" when you travel. Why not thoroughly enjoy the trip and getting to your destination and still feel good about yourself because -- well, you ate pretty well!

Tips for eating better on the road:
If your hotel room has a refrigerator, buy some yogurt or other healthy snacks to keep on hand. I usually travel with protein powder and for breakfast I mix it…

Have We HIT Peak Food?

Could it be that we are running out of food? This is pretty alarming news. But, in fact, there are some thought-provoking articles below that have been written by reputable sources in the scientific and agricultural world stating that, yes, we are on the road to potentially a "foodless" world.

How could it be that the world hit peak wheat in 2004, peak eggs in 1993 and peak dairy in 1989?!?! More information on these resources reaching their peak can be found here where a recent study in Ecology and Society indicates this frightening conclusion. Just to get a "gist" of what this article is alluding to we need to focus on "Sustainable appropriation of nonrenewable and renewable resources as required for society's long-term well-being".

In other words, how can we better use our resources in a cost-effective and ethical way that benefits all users -- and in the food system -- that means from farm to table. Example? When an animal eats a plant and ingests…

Comparing US Food System and Health Care Stats

Food for thought:

To learn more about this, refer to the article here.

Staying Motivated by bringing your own brown bag lunch

There is no doubt that during the work week we all like to go to lunch from time to time. But, does it need to be every day? Imagine how much money you can save if you only ate out a couple of times a week? What you can do with that money you saved!

With a little creativity, lunch made at home could be just as scrumptious -- as though you were eating out and certainly made completely to your liking. How can you beat that? But, as this article also points out, some of the other advantages of bringing your very own lunch is eating at your desk, then maybe taking a walk outside or working out or chitchatting with a friend. To learn about staying motivated in bringing your brown bagged lunch, check out the link below...

How to Stay Motivated to Keep brown bagging your lunch

5 Startups Changing the Way We Eat...Seasonally

The importance of eating seasonally truly is worth it. In eating with the seasons, foods are not only more delicious and at their peak of flavor, but they are also at the highest peak of nutrition. This is where the phrase "let food be thy medicine" really comes into play.

The thing is though, with so much confusion in the media on what to eat or what not to eat, it can become just overwhelming. There are 5 startup companies that are attempting to help people make wise food choices with a little help...

5 startups to check out:

1) Postmates: This startup is a wonderful resource in getting deliveries from any restaurant/cafe in your city, and on a budget too! This company has real-time tracking with a super good record for estimated times of delivery. Worth checking out.

2) GrubMarket: This company exists in 7 metro areas in the United States and delivers anywhere in the nation! Its main objective is to work with local farms and other food suppliers to get you the best access…

Let's Address the State of Food

In this past week's opinion section of the New York Times, Mark Bittman gave a brilliant overview of "the state of our food" which was discussed (or rather not discussed) in the recent State of the Union 2015 speech. Amazing that the points made of a much improved economy were made, yet our food stamp recipient numbers still are about the same -- if not worse -- since 2013. As Mr. Bittman stated: "the state of the union, food wise is not good". I agree.

Another point made -- SNAP (or food stamps) error rates were at an all-time low and there has been a steady improvement in payment accuracy which shows that the program has been successful around extensive quality control. 
There has been no fraud reported from abuse perhaps because people's pride and stigma might get in the way.

Another unfortunate thing is that there was no mention of food at all in this speech. It seems perhaps that food may not be all that important to everyone -- but, when you look at the …

As the bone-broth craze heats up....

As we work on ways to make our health better by eating better foods, it does give me great hope to see that bone broth is getting its just praises! I remember growing up and having homemade broth -- which was fortified into a delicious soup -- many times for dinner! So good. The best part about it was when feeling like I was coming down with some nasty cold -- mom came to the rescue with this delicious and healthy treat.

Yes, while making bone-broth is a labor of love -- it is well worth it! Check out the article and see how bone broth is making a strong come back!

6 of the best diet plans for 2015

Perhaps its just me -- but, the word "diet" just doesn't sound right. A diet sounds restrictive and can be even difficult or frustrating to follow.

There are several aspects of the 6 best diet plans for 2015 that made sense though, like:
portion-controlled foods, eating fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight, having an occasional cheat day,eating a variety of foods in moderation,have an attainable and realistic weight-loss goal, If the need to be on a diet is that important to you, or you legitimately need to be on some sort of special diet, make sure to check with a healthcare professional first. Otherwise, if you find you are pretty healthy and just want to shed some lbs., why not stick to a lifestyle diet plan by implementing some of the 5 aspects outlined above? Now, that is healthy!

6 Secrets to Eating Healthier at Restaurants

Upon "re-charging" at the start of a new week, is it helpful to reflect back on the long weekend to see what foods we've eaten and how different those foods are from the "work week" foods we try to eat? Perhaps there was an extra order of onion rings or a plate of parmesan french fries or something along those lines. For some reason, we seem to get into a different mindset during the work week as opposed to the weekend, right? How many of us look forward to happy hour on Friday when we get to unwind after a long week? I know I do. But, can you indulge a little without getting carried away and throwing caution to the wind all together? Absolutely.

Another thing that most of us do is go to restaurants -- whether it is a social occasion, a work-related meeting or just a quick bite to eat before heading to the movies -- it's a social event. But, here are 6 secrets to eating healthier at restaurants that you may not know about.

6 Secrets of healthy restaurant din…

8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now

I really enjoyed reading this article on the 8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now. There is so much truth to really knowing yourself and certainly your eating habits. Some people like a hearty breakfast -- some can just juice in the morning and have an early lunch. Then, there are those that like heartier lunches and small dinners.

Regardless, it certainly is important to simply eat as healthfully as possible  morning, noon or night. But, why not look forward to a nice dinner Friday night or a delicious brunch on Saturday or Sunday. To me, it's just as easy staying away from "danger" foods that I know I could easily overindulge with -- unless it's portion-sized already. The key is portion size!

The following are 8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now...

1) Stock up on healthy food. We know what these foods are, right? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, yogurts (watch the sugar content), dried fruit.

2) Eat sitting down. It is so customary for our fast-paced society to put so many dem…

Five Global Food Trends for 2015

As mentioned in this article, we've seen an abundance of changes with regard to our food. Remember last year when Kale was such an extraordinarily popular vegetable? Now it seems to be Cauliflower has taken over in the popularity department. As we've seen popularity rise and fall with vegetables such as those mentioned, there is more of a constant change regarding the whole food system beyond just food.

The following are the list of five global food trends that we'll likely see more of now and in the near future:

1) The food movement is practically in full swing. This is the first of the global megatrends being seen in the food world today. This is going beyond just food, but more to social equity, justice and social responsibility.

Today there are eleven cities that have gone as far as to establish their own minimum wage in order to  recognize the necessity of feeding and caring for those that are working in the fast food world and simply put, reducing urban poverty.

2) I…

Fast Food is Still the Worst

As the new year inevitably goes on -- so do our lives -- makes sense, no? But, how do we want to really live our lives? Will this be the year of transformation or will it remain the same as it was? This of course is solely up to us. But, why not embrace a more healthful approach? After all, Fast Food is Still the Worst....

Fast Food is Still the Worst

Superfoods for Your Precious Brain

There is no better truth than knowing that you really are what you eat. The following foods are great recommendations to add to your pantry/refrigerator -- especially at the start of the work week. Now that we are back to work/school and the holidays are over, what better way to focus on 2015 resolutions and plans than to start out with foods that will boost your brain power!

Another nice thing about these foods is that time spent in the kitchen can be greatly minimized as the following foods don't take long to prepare or cook. Check out the link below for the list of super foods...

Superfoods For Your Precious Brain

Happy New Year: Transforming the Junk Food Image

Could this be true? Transforming the Junk Food Image? As another new year begins, it will be interesting to see if fast food chains can really keep up with following through on such a healthy promise to consumers. 

There is no doubt that the demand for healthy, fresh and local is on the rise and people just want to be better informed about where their food comes from -- as we all deserve to see.

Just as an example, the following 2 fast food chains are leading the charge on what could be a healthy and lasting change...
" Last month, McDonald's USA President Mike Andres outlined improvements the company is working on, including the simplification of ingredient labels. Without providing details, he said to expect some changes in early 2015. The remarks came after the company reported a 4.6 percent decline in U.S. sales for November, capping two years of struggling performance. "Why do we need to have preservatives in our food?" Andres asked, noting McDonald's restauran…