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The Single Most Important Habit You Need....

I suppose I am fortunate that I have a habit that's been instilled in me thanks to the way I grew up and my influences early on -- it is so basic -- you should learn it -- especially once you "fly the nest" and set off for college or your first apartment...What is this habit? Cooking. It seems so easy, or maybe not, especially if you didn't learn it at home while growing up. But, so many times don't we say to ourselves that we want to do things differently and better than what we learned at home? Don't we want to make lasting changes that are good changes in benefiting ourselves and our loved ones? 
Even if you don't know how to cook or you feel like it is just so "time consuming" or in fact, a waste of time -- it is time to reconsider that very thing that you think you don't know how to do "correctly". And, correctly doesn't make sense either as every cook has their own style and "flair" for the kitchen.

Now a days …

14 things you need to know about Avocados

I believe it is safe to say that most people know that Avocados are good for you. Yes, although they are fattening; the fat that is contained in this fruit is very beneficial to our bodies. Check out some of the 14 things you really do need to know about Avocados... Avocados are still referred by many as a vegetable, but technically they are a fruit that does in fact grow on a tree. They contain a seed. There are many, many types of avocados that range in color, size, taste, and texture.To determine the ripeness of the avocado, base it on how firm the avocado feels -- firm, but slightly pliable.The best way to ripen an avocado -- when in a hurry -- is to place it in a plain brown paper back at room temperature. The addition of an apple or banana helps out with it ripening faster. The ethylene contained in the apple or banana makes changes in softening and texture for the avocado to ripen faster.Apparently, it is wise to not get any germs while slicing into the avocado. To prevent this…

Infographics: How healthcare can fortify our food system

This is what it's all about -- enabling our healthcare and food systems to work together to strengthen our society's health and wellbeing. We are constantly deluged with learning about the best diets or best foods or best exercises to make us stronger and healthier, but in making the correlation between better food and better healthcare, chronic disease becomes minimized. In making the healthy choice the easier choice to make -- good changes can happen. 
In the infographic examples below, a few key messages are made with regard to empowering the effectiveness of both healthcare and food systems: The Farm Fresh Healthcare Project: Thus far, 10 family farmers have sold nearly 84,000 pounds of local and organic produce to 6 San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. This can make a large impact on the local/rural community, provide better social and economic health outcomes and help our environmental quality to improve.Purchasing meat and poultry raised without antibiotics: The Overlake H…

So you are hungry and still want to lose weight?

So many times our efforts to lose weight or just maintain our weight while still being healthy may seem impossible for many, but here are some good food tips to follow for precisely those times when hunger hits you!

Here's a list of 6 Healthy Foods to Help Keep Your Hunger Pangs Away.....

1) Oatmeal: Oatmeal has both soluble and insoluble fiber which is not only good for your heart, but it also keeps you satiated for a longer period of time.

2) Greek Yogurt: This food is a protein rich food that keeps you full with many benefits that include calcium and vitamin D. Also, buying the regular non-fat or low-fat plain yogurt allows you to add your own fresh fruit or nuts or a drizzle of honey to make it to your "sweet" specifications.

3) Avocados are just creamy, delicious and super nutritious. They contain good monounsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E and potassium. There is nothing like 'smearing' some fresh avocado on a piece of toast -- just add a little salt, pepper …

Top 9 Foods To Be Avoided to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

While it may seem so easy to keep your refrigerator stocked with good, healthy foods and snacks -- it may not always be easy to detect some foods that you may believe to be good choices. Many times those innocent ginger snaps that you picked up somewhere looked to good to be harmful, right?

In making sure to read the ingredients on the back of the label, some of those food pitfalls could be averted altogether. So, what are these 9 top foods to be avoided?

1) Soda and soft drinks
2) Sugar and Fructose Corn Syrup
3) Fruit Juices
4) Unsaturated fats
5) Artificial Sweeteners
6) Fried and even grilled foods
7) Processed food items
8) Foods prepared in seed and vegetable oils
9) Gluten rich whole grains

To see how some of these foods may be more difficult to detect from a more wholesome food, read the article here.

The 7 Healthiest Vending Machine Snacks

So, have you ever been at meetings all day or a conference where you just haven't found the time to eat? I'm sure we've all been there at some point in our work or life/task history. But, have you ever been between places where you know you won't be eating a meal in a long time, you are just so hungry and there isn't even a healthy snack to eat to tide you over to the next meal?  Been there too. 
Here is a list of the 7 healthiest vending machine snacks you can find for those "emergency -- gotta eat something now" times:
1) Nuts
2) Granola Bars
3) Popcorn
4) Sunflower Kernels
5) Fig Newtons
6) Pretzels
7) Trisquits (Original Flavor)

Minimizing Anxiety with Helpful Food Ideas

Anxiety is no doubt all about that feeling of worry and nervousness -- more than likely in anticipation of some event that will be unpleasant and troublesome. The first thing that came to mind of what can cause anxiety in some people would simply be Monday. Monday for many can represent not only the start of a work week, but one that can be the start of another work week filled with dread, anxiety and worry. 
But, in the spirit of good health and wellbeing, food can play a role in alleviating that anxiety. It is well known for example that chicken soup is good for minimizing your cold symptoms and ginger is not only anti-inflammatory, but also is a treatment for gastrointestinal issues. So, in using those previous examples, there must be helpful foods that can help with minimizing anxiety too. True, when someone is going through an anxious spell, food may be the last thing to think about in their moment of need! 
But, food can help with minimizing anxiety and water definitely helps. …

Top 7 Foods To Improve Brain Power

As we are coming close to the close of another week, why not go out with the best thinking idea at work or at school? Starting with the 7 foods to improve brain power -- now, that's a good start....
Top 7 Foods to Improve Brain Power

Make A Healthy Pact With Yourself!

In the complete deluge of technology advancements today, it is easy to get overwhelmed, isn't it? But,  there is no need to be caught up in every technology change out there -- it's just too crazy. But, what if you or I found one or two technologically-saavy applications to add to our never-ending phone applications instead of having a bunch we may not even use!
True, perhaps the latest technology in phones may not be used by everyone, but what if those of us who have accessibility to really good applications used them frequently and spread the good word about them? After all, it is by example that others can pick up good habits and better ways to manage the way we eat. We can even be rewarded for it! Once again, while kids or lower-income families may not be able to always participate in programs such as this one -- those of us that could -- could actually make a significant impact on how others eat and how what they eat affects their complete health. We remember those teach…

The Blue Zones: Longevity Diet Tips

So it seems for the most part -- people are fascinated by the latest illness outbreak going on somewhere in the world or whatever the latest trending topic is in fashion or politics or food trends. But, what about eating healthy for wellbeing and longevity? Is it just not as fascinating as learning about the latest disease overseas or latest natural disaster? What about portion control? It just isn't that interesting I suppose -- but, what a difference it would make in people's everyday lives if portion control were just part of your everyday eating.

In this latest article on living and eating to break 100: Longevity Diet Tips from the Blue Zones, it is not just eating that plays a role in our health and wellbeing -- but, how we live. Are we social? Are we sleeping enough? Do we drink enough water? Are we exercising? As far as eating goes, here is a list of findings that can be instilled in one's diet making it a better one over all as indicated in Dan Buettner's tips

Are You a Super Foods Hero?

Farmacology: Farming and Medicine

The book, Farmacology, written by physician Daphne Miller, delivers an introspective view about the vital importance that farming and medicine bring together.

Dr. Miller shares what she learned from her travels to various family farms throughout the country by finding real connections that are linked between how we take care of our bodies and how we grow our food. She also shares what she experienced as a traveler to these farms which then led her to ask such questions as:
"What can rejuvenating depleted soil teach us about rejuvenating ourselves?What are the unexpected ways that urban agriculture can transform the health of a community?How can a grazing system on a ranch offer valuable insights into raising resilient children?" This book provides the reader to a visual map of useful information that provides a new approach to healing in combination with better ways to sustaining wellness and treating disease.

20 Foods To Eat When Stressed Out!!!!

Yes, the middle of the week -- let alone any day of the week -- can be stressful for just about anybody. So many things to do and so little time, right? Well, what if we had a list of really good foods to eat that help alleviate some of that stress?

Here it is then! The list of 20 Foods You Should Eat When You're Stressed!
Oatmeal with Berries and WalnutsWhole Grain Crackers with Nut ButterVeggies with Raw CheeseMug of Hot Water and LemonSalmon Sushi Roll (or just plain Salmon) with Brown RiceCashewsDark ChocolateGreen or Chamomile TeaKale SmoothieSweet Potatoes Drizzled with Coconut Oil Superfood SeedsAvocado ToastBrazil NutsQuinoaApples with TahiniHard Boiled EggsBanana with Almond ButterChicken Lettuce Wraps (careful with the added sauce)Grass-fed Beef JerkyOysters (with horseradish sauce)

USDA Launches food storage app for consumers

This new mobile app provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture just launched! This app will enable consumers to learn more about ways of keeping food fresh longer, which of course encourages the reduction of food waste.

This application will also allow consumers to learn about how to safely store nearly 500 food and beverage items while enjoying their nutritional benefits.

To learn more about this application, go to the link...

High-fat foods may actually change who you are over time

It has been found from a study recently written and published in the Biological Psychiatry journal that by maintaining a high-fat diet there are confirmed changes in health as well as behavior that create changes in a person's gut microbiota
Prior research suggests “alterations in the microbiome may underlie the host’s susceptibility to illness, including neuropsychiatric impairment” — and present researchers decided to put this theory to the test. The transplanted gut microbiota from mice maintaining a high-fat or control diet to non-obese mice maintain a normal diet.
Further, a column in Psychology Today, indicated that almost everything we eat either directly or indirectly effects our brains as told by Dr. Gary L. Wenk, a professor at Ohio State University. Later, he stated that "Sadly, our brains powerfully reward us when we eat sugar, fat and salt; thus, there is an oncoming epidemic of obesity-related illnesses. Food has both negative and positive effects, and it all de…

What's More Important at Restaurants: Food or Service?

As we head into another weekend -- a special one at that as it is Easter, many people make special lunch/dinner reservations at nice restaurants for their families in order to celebrate this day. But, when choosing your restaurant of choice, which is more important the food or the service? Yes, we always want to have both, although, honestly it doesn't always work out that way. So what wins out over the other?

Bon Appetit Magazine conducted a survey from the "Best New Restaurant" finale, so people voted and this is what they came up with when it came to restaurant food or service preference. People go to restaurants for various reasons whether it be for the atmosphere, who you break bread with or just the mere fact that you won't have to wash and clean up afterwards. As indicated by those that chose the food vote, "a successful dining experience is all about the trust between the restaurant and the diner, and nothing cements that trust better than a well-cooked …

Congress Debates Competing Bills About GMO Labeling

This is another good reason to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Did you know that most of the processed foods that are eaten today use genetically changed in a lab?  If we are required to be law-abiding citizens, then why can't we be given the right to know what is in our food? Check out the article here.... 

Best and Worst Foods to Eat when You are Sick

Doesn't everyone want to know the right food to eat when they just don't feel good? I'd say its worth learning which foods are best and worst for you depending on what ails you at the time. Whether you have a headache, stomachache or just plain achy all over, the following list is a pretty comprehensive one on the best and worst foods to eat....

A case of undesirable...hmmm....diarrhea? If it is diarrhea caused by a stomach virus or just something bad you ate, gastroenterologist, James Lee, MD says the BRAT diet is best. That is a diet that consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Other foods that are good for this particular issue? Oatmeal, boiled potatoes, saltine crackers and skinless baked chicken or turkey. Foods to avoid: Sugarless candy and gum which aren't digestible to begin with (that contains sorbitol or artificial sweeteners); other foods that cause gas and bloating are onions, apples, broccoli and a few others. You can find out more once you read t…