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So, What About Body Image? Does It Even Matter?

I felt so inclined to write a blog post about this article because it affects so many people -- particularly women -- about the perfect body image that we believe (or want) to have. The thing is there is enough pressure to work on eating a diet with all of the right food/nutritional components in the right amounts -- but, let's not add "fuel to the fire" by expecting to have a perfect physique! After all, it is in those little imperfections that we find ourselves being who we are -- human!
First and foremost, my main objective as you might see from my blog is to provide tips and sound advice as to eating healthier, serving portion-sized amounts of food, exercising and following overall wellness guidelines that include more than just food. 
This article describes a woman who is an avid, strong and fit yoga teacher, yet she still feels a bit of a body complex from time to time. Don't most or all of us? As the writer of this article so succinctly put it: 
"Still h…