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Are these 7 Super foods Actually Super?

What is a super food?

According to this Life Science blog, super foods are foods that are mostly plant-based, but can also include some fish and dairy that is full of nutrients and hence, good for overall health. Foods included in this category include blueberries, salmon, kale and a few more!
But, just an FYI, there is no set criteria for determining what is and what is not a superfood according to the American Heart Association. It does seem that the term "superfood" has become more of a marketing term used to make people aware of the nutritional values in these foods. There definitely are a lot of other excellent food choices and as we all have heard, moderation, portion control and variety are key elements to nutrition!
Here is the list of 7 super foods to learn more about....
Are These 7 Superfoods Actually Super?

A Diet to Boost Your Mood and Energy Level

Here we are Monday again. The start of a fresh week for many. But, how will this week be different from any other week? Will you be more energized, will you be moodier, will you be pleasant to be around? So much of our mood and our energy is greatly influenced by not only getting enough rest, but in eating the right foods.

Here is a diet to boost your mood and your energy level.

There are some really good tips in the article and one I really need to re-visit from time to time is that drinking plenty of water (staying hydrated) helps with keeping you alert. "Some studies suggest that even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism and sap your energy"!

I don't always remember to drink the amount of water that I should, but in reading this information, it reminds me to drink up the good stuff whenever possible!