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The Future of Medicine Is Food

Well, at last! After all this time, maybe our real medicine & real food hero -- the late Hippocrates -- is making a come back -- or at least many of his teaching principles starting with "let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food".

It looks like there has been an increase in medical students who -- when not studying their many life-saving skills in medicine -- are taking to some basic kitchen skills in sautéing, mincing and cooking healthy meals.

Check out the article, "The Future of Medicine Is Food".

Guest Post Review for the Up Beet Kitchen

Recently I had the terrific opportunity to learn about a really great online organization called the Up Beet Kitchen that literally teaches anyone to prepare and cook a delicious and healthy meal with step-by-step instruction, videos and beautiful crisp pictures! How cool is that! 
Even for any "naysayer" out there that may say they don't have the time to cook -- or those that may say I don't know how to cook -- you've got to check out the Up Beet Kitchen!
Along my quest for linking the importance of good food to better health through my own blog, I also have had the privilege to get to know who is behind this group through a mutual friend. The Upbeet Kitchen "speaks the same language that Food Wisz-dom does" and I'm pleased to share a bit about them.
I've attached a link below to a guest post that I've written about the Upbeet Kitchen and hope you enjoy getting a chance to learn more about the organization's founder who comes from a he…

What's the Real Scoop with Bacon?

So it seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally and firmly indicated that Bacon is  NOT a good food to eat, but that it also is one of those processed meats that causes cancer. Is it real news to just about anyone that bacon is really not good for you? It seems that every time I've gone out to breakfast somewhere -- whether its meeting friends for brunch or vacation -- it is almost inevitable that bacon is usually (not always) one of those foods that is requested, isn't it? Perhaps not everyone eats bacon with frequency -- and it becomes more of a treat -- as it should be. Does one have to completely block out the idea that a slice of bacon on rare occasion is okay? But, how can one escape indulging occasionally on a slice of bacon or a slice of cheese cake or a crumbly, flaky donut?
It just seems that when news comes out -- such as this article about bacon -- there is a general "freak out" by just about everyone. Maybe I just find it a bit over the…