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Remember THESE 5 Simple Daily Habits

As we progress in our new year of 2016 (no longer that new!) -- how many of us have given up on our projected health goals? Is the goal of going to the gym 3-4 times a week left in our memory somewhere? Has the "eating healthy" aspect of how we'd like to continue forth to be healthier, stronger and smarter gone by the wayside?
It's never too late to make wise decisions when it comes to our health and sometimes all it takes is a small change here and there. It's not about losing 10 pounds by next month or being ready for swimsuit season in 5 weeks -- that's ridiculous! Set yourself up to making the smart, small changes on a daily basis -- like these 5 simple habits that we can make part of our lifestyle!
Here is a list of some tried and true daily habits that won't break the bank and will make you better every day!!
(1) Move! Take a walk at lunch, go for an early morning walk around your neighborhood or if you live in an urban area -- walk to the grocery …