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Which is Better -- Eating Raw or Cooked Fruits & Veggies?

The idea of eating all cooked or all raw fruits and veggies simply does not sound very appetizing...and even nutritious for that matter. But, having a combination of both raw and cooked fruits and veggies may just be the trick toward promoting a healthier diet. It has been proven that some vegetables are better for you nutritionally when they are simply prepared without any form of cooking method (bell peppers, radishes) or others that can benefit from some cooking (tomatoes or carrots). 
In either case, it is a safe bet to know that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial certainly over processed foods with mystery ingredients. The slideshow presented here gives a decent overview of a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat raw or cooked.

The Health Benefits of Nuts

I've been asked by to write a blog post regarding the nutritional benefits that nuts provide our bodies. I couldn't agree more -- these little edible nuggets of deliciousness are excellent to add to your daily diet whether they be in a salad, side dish or a quick healthy snack. Enjoy....

Nuts of every kind have a variety of health benefits that give our bodies strength – especially after a good workout, promote weight loss (with portion-control), curb our chances of getting diabetes, and simply taste good! The delicious little nut can not only give us a wonderfully surprising amount of the appropriate vitamins and minerals we need for our bodies to benefit, but should simply be part of a heart-healthy diet as well.
We’ve all heard of LDL, right? This is the bad cholesterol found in blood that we can and should limit as much as possible. Similar to how plaque (sticky, soft substance) builds up on our teeth to eventually cause tooth decay if not taken care of – sticky …

Target YOUR Best Self By Doing What Matters

We all know that diet and exercise are known to be the key ingredients to leading a healthy lifestyle, right? There are a few other ingredients to add to that recipe in order to make our lives healthier though and even than -- we can always strive for better.
Do you get enough sleep? Do you have good friendships? Are you more of a "worrier" or a "doer"; instead of worrying about something, why not do something about it! What is the point of worrying about something if it is out of your control? 
As the article that I am referencing here points out, the key things to remember for what really matters to making a healthy life includes eating right, exercising, sleeping enough and maintaining healthy relationships.

Guest post: 10 Items to Stock In Your Frig for a Healthy Week

Here we are yet another Monday and hopefully a great start to the week! Recently, I had a wonderful addition to my blog by a like-minded wellbeing organization -- They have contributed the following blog post about 10 items to stock in your refrigerator for a healthy and nutritious week! focuses on home improvement and overall home empowerment. What does that mean really? The focus of empowerment in general is to enable us to be able-bodied, healthy and at our best and that certainly includes keeping our own homes as safe and efficient as they can be! If you want to learn more about keeping an overall healthy home environment, refer to the modernize website to get expert advice on various aspects of home health like heating, air-conditioning, windows, roofing and more! 
The kitchen is usually the focal point of a healthy home and food in the refrigerator should definitely reflect that, wouldn't you say? Hence, read the following blog post provided by …