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The difference between health coach and dietitian

A health coach in a sense can be seen as a health educator and promoter and helps to shape an individual to reach their best self by involving them in their own journey of life. A registered dietitian is a trained nutrition professional with knowledge gained through strict educational standards. They can counsel and support their clients to make suitable changes to their eating habits and advocate health and assist with chronic illness prevention. A health coach can add much needed value to that process through well-grounded lifestyle and weight management processes along with effectively building trust and rapport with the client. A long-term goal, such as leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a continuous process that needs to be nourished and supported by making good choices. Who doesn’t need support to do the right thing as much as possible, right?

So much of what a health coach does involves not only coaching, but providing guidance to their clients by he…

11 Science-backed Ways to Build Permanent Habits

Do you ever stop and think about why we do the things we do? It seems that most of us have routines that we follow simply to keep us on track and moving. Moving to get to work, moving to get the kids to school, moving to get the house cleaned or cook a meal -- these habits have become so ingrained in us that we really don't stop and think about them. But what if we wanted to change something about the way we complete a task or not do something that will lead us down a rabbit hole that we don't really want to go down at all! It doesn't necessarily have to be a food item that throws us off track so much as how we got to that temptation in the first place. If we typically run out of time at the end of the day to make dinner for instance and this is something that happens frequently, how can we change that from happening?  Regardless, after a long day most of us are tired from not only work, but other things that need to get done as well. How about prepping meals ahead of time? …

New Evidence that Sugar Calories are worse than other calories

Sugar is one of those ingredients that simply draws us to it and this can be readily seen by the foods we crave. We are even born to have a taste for it, but as most of us know (or should know) it can be quite deadly for our health. Sugar just "kills" us off little by little and that can be seen in chronic metabolic diseases.

There is new evidence though that sugar indeed is worse than other calories. Just read about this new evidence here...

10 FREE Ways to Optimize YOUR Wellness

Optimize YOUR Wellness for Free? Optimizing your Wellness is beneficial -- even if it does involve a few bucks, but that is besides the point. Wellness goes beyond just eating more healthfully or sleeping enough -- it addresses the issue of making the most of who you are as a human being! 
There is always room for improvement and that includes everything from being more physically active, using our brain power, being connected to our emotional, social and spiritual sides and being aware of our surrounding environment. This is not some woo-woo made-up thing either. 
Wellness manifests itself in various ways that are quite visible to us. Can you tell when someone is having a good day or a bad day? Absolutely! One can see that just from hearing comments about Monday morning work - ugh! - especially for people who really aren't "into their jobs". What about Friday afternoon? Who can't tell when someone is really happy and looking forward to getting off work to enjoy t…

Cut diabetes risk by replacing carbs with 'healthy' fats

There is no doubt that as boring or repetitive it is to hear that moderation is key -- it is just too important to ignore. Then, finding the balance of healthy carbs, healthy fats and healthy proteins can be just as tricky, but oh so important. Many times finding the right foods to eat and in the right proportions for us can be hard to do, but a good rule of thumb to know would be to attempt to choose foods that are less processed and with ingredient labels that are "pronounceable" and limited in number. Particularly if you have diabetes or suspect you may have it, read the ingredient label! If you don't know what an ingredient is, look it up. Everyone knows how to "google" something, right?
How about when it comes to diabetes? What are the right foods to eat, the foods to limit and even eliminate? What about quantities? In a study conducted for cutting the risk of diabetes, a sound recommendation of replacing carbs with healthy fats has been made. This new st…

Changing Patient Behavior: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Value

What will it take to effectively see the damage that is being done in our society today due to the rising cost of chronic illnesses that are largely preventable?
How can people become more motivated and incentivized to make positive changes in the way they live? There may certainly be a population out there that looks at statistics only or listen solely to "what their doctor says". But, do they really listen? Are they really encouraged to change their behavior? A new way of looking at patient behavior may very well be the next step in placing higher value in healthcare....

How to Make Small Habit Changes

As I was reading through this article on How to Make Small Habit Changes by Sourav Adhikari, it occurred to me that we really can be empowered by the things we do everyday -- yes, those things we call habits. Making frequent smart small habit changes can lead to so many good things from choosing the right foods to eat, to balancing the checkbook to exercising before we head out for the work day.
How many times have we contemplated changing something that we find ourselves doing everyday, yet we don't change anything! The following is a great list of 15 ways we can make small habit changes that can have long-lasting outcomes we can be proud to follow. Thank you Sourav for the reminders!
(1) Take Small Steps: Time to reflect on the things we do throughout the day - consciously that is. Is there a habit that you would like to change and simply find it too difficult to consider changing? Even if it means getting up one hour earlier than you normally would to exercise or get ready for…

Prediabetes Awareness Campaign Sparks Pushback

It is no wonder that people have become more aware of the dangers of diabetes, yet, diabetes continues to rise. Some experts believe that prediabetes, a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than what they should be, but not high enough to be considered diabetes, should be left undiagnosed. This is disconcerting news for anyone, let alone those that do everything they can to maintain good health. These experts who are recommending that prediabetes go undiagnosed -- at least for the time being -- are opposing what a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiative recommends which believes that people should get screened for the condition.
Currently more than 1 in 3 adults in the United States has prediabetes and they don't even know it! According to the CDC, if people are not tested and have no intervention to prevent this disease, 15 to 30% of those patients will eventually become Type 2 diabetic within 5 years. 
Of course some of the downsides of having pre-scre…

How Food Labels Leave A Bad Taste

The weekend edition of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) had an enlightening article on how food labels can be quite confusing for people to read let alone understand. Part of me believes that it is just the plan to confuse people when it comes to making better food choices, but perhaps that is just the more pessimistic view that I've gained of the food world over the years. I'm sure that I'm not alone though.

"Government regulators forbid outright dishonesty, but labels with narrowly defined, cleverly deployed or unregulated buzzwords can confound shoppers trying to determine what's what"

The following is a helpful guide on how to do your food label reading:

In determining if a product is whole grain, look for the following things. Be sure that the product reads 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat, otherwise you may not be getting the product that you think you should be getting.

Follow the ingredients list, so if the first ingredient says "enriched flour&…

The Secret to Tapping YOUR Unlimited Inner Happiness

While this particular post has nothing to do with food -- it does indeed tap into many of the choices we make when it comes to the foods we eat, the friends we choose or how we even deal with our everyday lives. Another thought that comes to mind is how good one feels physically after having had a wholesome delicious and healthy meal as opposed to feeling not so good from too many chips and dip or pizza at that fun get-together last night with family or friends. You follow? In other words, all of our actions do matter and the choices we make day in and day out really matter.
"The idea that our happiness is somewhere outside of us, contingent upon some condition or some accomplishment, is not just wrong-it's dangerous. Because we end up chasing happiness in the place that it can never be found. And This fruitless endeavor is actually the source of our unhappiness".
Upon further reflection of this particular day, July 4th -- Independence Day -- it is just good to be thank…