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TEDxHarvardLaw - Stephan Guyenet - The American Diet

5 Misunderstandings about Your Metabolism

The human body is pretty amazing and it continues to elude us even when we believe we may be "outsmarting" it by skipping meals while losing weight, not sleeping enough because "sleeping is for the dead" or eating too many empty calories without initially seeing weight gain. The following 5 misunderstandings about metabolism can be read about more thoroughly here, but, I've listed them below as well.

Our first metabolism myth? Going back to our amazing human body, we have a hormone called leptin that sends our brains an indication when we have eaten enough calories. When someone is overweight, it is likely that they have higher levels of insulin. Hence, insulin blocks or prevents leptin from working properly and fails to send the brain a signal of our "being full", so we continue to eat because our body believes it is still hungry.

"In order to fix your metabolism then, you have to fix the leptin issue," says, Robert Lustig, Professor at UCSF…

The Seasonal Gift of Health-Giving to Your Loved Ones and Yourself!

As I was preparing to start my day earlier today, a couple of "overlapping" thoughts came to mind as we are approaching the holiday season. Thanksgiving has a rich complex history of many mixed blessings and heartache as well. What we choose to celebrate and how we celebrate it can hopefully be a demonstration to how we'd like to move forward in our lives -- with endless gratitude -- even in our current state. Hence, I choose to take that road and hope you do as well. 
On a "lighter note",  now that Thanksgiving Day is about a week away, instead of "dreading it" for throwing us off our health-giving plan, let's embrace it and not be derailed -- that is the challenge! Could we possibly just prepare ourselves to enjoy the upcoming holiday with our loved ones and be grateful and "give back" at the same time? Absolutely! Let's start out by focusing on things we can do to honor our "health-giving" and make the most of the upcom…

The Science of Sleep: Understanding What Happens When You Sleep

To fully comprehend how important sleep is for regulating our metabolism and making a strong impact on our brain function, read the article here. "Sleep is vital. When people don’t get enough sleep, their health risks rise. Symptoms of depression, seizures, high blood pressure and migraines worsen. Immunity is compromised, increasing the likelihood of illness and infection". "Sleep also plays a role in metabolism: Even one night of missed sleep can create a prediabetic state in an otherwise healthy person. “There are many important connections between health and sleep,” says Wu. (Johns Hopkins sleep expert and neurologist Mark Wu, M.D., Ph.D.)
Additionally, think about the correlation between sleep and eating. Our bodies do indeed crave sleep, very similar to how we also crave food. We can eat pretty much eat anytime we are hungry (or not) although our bodies don't "force" us to eat when we are hungry. It is different with sleep. Our desire and need to sl…

6 Eating Rules for Healthy Weight Loss

The rules for weight loss are endless and they may not even make total sense to us. I mean really -- is there only one rule that exists? No way! But, there are a few scientifically proven ways to keep the weight off. Of course, the following 6 rules are good to follow in general as they lead to creating and keeping better healthy food habits.

(1) Drink Water. The Stanford Prevention Research Center has found that drinking water promotes weight loss in 2 ways. First, begin to track the amount of water you drink in a day. As the research has shown, 4 to 5 cups in a day has been correlated with a 5-pound weight loss seen in a year.

Even replacing water with other beverages -- like soda or coffee drinks -- has proven to result in more weight loss. It's also been found that there is a tendency to have something else to eat if accompanied by a soda or coffee drink. The bottom line, its just best to avoid those tempting drinks when possible and substitute them with water -- there is less…