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The Bad Habits to give up for a Lifetime of Success!

What real incentive is there in wanting to change a habit? It doesn't necessarily need to be about food, although many times it is, right? What about making a small change to what we do on a daily basis. How about having one cup of coffee in the morning instead of three or sleeping a minimum of 7-8 hours a night for 3 or more consecutive nights a week? In order to have and make long-term goals, you've got to start with a short-term goal. That's just how it works. 
Now that we are approaching a new year, why not start thinking of ways we could just improve our lives by making constructive and "doable" goals that will benefit us overall. Think about your health! Yes, will it benefit you to have a second helping of roasted sweet potatoes or a second helping of french fries? Or if dessert is on the menu, why not share it with a loved one or simply have a small portion-sized dessert?
Some more concrete ideas to think about:
(1) Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle. The…

22 Ways to Be Healthier with Little Effort

Let's stop and take a breath. Really. Especially now with holiday preparations, it seems we find ourselves inundated in a sea of tasks to complete, errands to run and goals to continue working on from now until the end of the year...and beyond. So what can we do to change that? Honestly, there's not much. But, there are ways to make a better effort to staying healthy and they really aren't that difficult to follow! Here are 22 ways to be healthier with minimal effort.

(1) Eat fruit instead of candy. The difference? Fruit has natural sugar as well as fiber -- which means it takes long to digest. Candy is artificial and well, full of processed ingredients.

(2) Shop on a full stomach. No doubt, this is a trick one as I've fallen for shopping on an empty stomach and a full stomach -- big difference! The tendency is to shop more and spend more when you are hungry.

(3) Learn how to cook! Yes, I've heard people say time and time again that they hate to cook, but they are onl…

10 Common Habits that Increase Wealth

While the title -- 10 Common Habits that Increase Wealth -- may appear to be a bit misleading, it simply is a good habit to get into, wouldn't you agree? If we hope to be the best we can be, then the following habits can most certainly enrich our lives.

The list goes as follows:

(1) Find Good Thoughtful Books to Read. There just is so much to learn from reading a good book. It helps to create new ideas, helps with "solidifying" a good business/life plan and also makes us wiser for it.

(2) Create an exercise plan that works for you. One of the many reasons used for those that don't make exercise a priority in their lives is that they believe there is just is not enough time in the day. While yes, it can be a sacrifice to put in the extra effort, it pays off in the long run by minimizing doctor visits and with that medical bills. Find an exercise that you enjoy above all else as an incentive.

(3) Stop eating out for lunch every day. It really is amazing at how quickly …

10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

One thing I find to be interesting in my general observations as I delve further into the health and wellness world is that there is never one way to reach a specific goal -- like weight loss, a good attitude or even our mental health.

How many times have we found ourselves on a good path of eating healthy well-balanced meals, being productive at work, sleeping enough and just feeling pretty good about ourselves -- then, the inevitable happens! An obstacle gets in the way! All it takes is neglecting one of the activities I just mentioned to throw us off of our game and at times, believing that the way to leading a healthy lifestyle is just unreachable. Isn't it always a work in progress?

The following list of 10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health gives a realistic approach to how to tackle difficult situations when they come up -- and inevitably, they will.

(1) Devote Time to Self-Reflection. How well do we know ourselves or even bother to want to know ourselves? In th…

6 Easy Weight Loss Tips That Also Increase Better Health

Okay, so I have written about weight loss in previous posts in order to reach those much anticipated goals that we have in mind. But, as you've already probably guessed, it's not just about weight loss -- it's about creating and living a realistically healthy life!

So, below I've outlined the 6 wise tips that are not only about weight loss, but also about the real good stuff -- how to live a good and healthy life!

(1) Change Your Perspective! We all know that our attitude is so very important in how we approach things in life -- from our jobs, to our kids, to our co-workers and loved ones as well. Imagine if we had a bad attitude with wanting to accomplish a goal at work or asking your kids to help you around the house? Do you think they would want to help us? No Way! The same goes for how we approach eating wisely with every bite and exercising. Our much anticipated goals will soon disappear (much as many of us would like to see the weight disappear, right?) if we don…