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10 Things We Should Do to Keep Our Brains Sharp!

So much goes into our health and wellbeing and in keeping our brains healthy, we encourage strength and stability in our everyday lives.

The following are 10 Things We Should Do to Keep our Brains Sharp:

(1) We have this awesome brain, so let's try to understand its functions better! When you think about it, it is so amazing to even try to fathom the billions of neurons and synapses that make it function as it should!

(2) Eat Healthy! Eating healthy is one of those things that we hear more and more about, right? But, it is because we are in such need of nutritious foods! The brain actually consumes 20% of the nutrients that we absorb! That means that if we are constantly eating "junk food" or overly processed foods, we are limiting our brain's amazing functionality. This is why it is recommended to have a healthy breakfast in the morning, especially if you've got a busy productive day ahead of you.

(3) Be active! Did you know that exercise actually enhances neuro…