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The Midlife Health Checklist: How do you fare with YOUR health?

There is no doubt that the inevitable happens. We age. Some of us may age more gracefully than others, but nonetheless, we age. So what can we do about it? Accept it, but you set the terms and conditions. Do everything in your power to 'stay young at heart'. It is possible and frankly, that's the way I plan on going down with it. How about you?
According to Dr. David Agus, turning 40 is the 'turning point' where we may see life through another set of glasses so to speak. This is the time of questioning not only our mortality, but where are we now, what we have done in the past and what we will do in the future to make positive, good things happen for others as well as ourselves. This is also the time when we may focus more on how we feel after indulging in 'bad food' or too much alcohol and how different that all was in our earlier years.
Going back to aging gracefully though, we can set the terms and conditions as much as we can by eating right, enjoying …

15 Smart Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier

Most people have a "love affair" with eating delicious food, right? Who doesn't like a robust portion of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna or even a simple but delicious burger? By eating some of these foods though, we tend to forget how much we are eating because -- well, the food is delicious and we are hungry!
If we merely made an effort to not only watch our portion-sizes but also make smart food swaps, we can save on some calories too.
The following are 15 food swaps that -- if followed regularly -- should lead you down the road to better health.
(1) Swap white pasta for whole wheat: Whole wheat pasta contains more fiber as well as vitamin E, B vitamins and antioxidants -- definitely more than white pasta.
(2) Swap plain potatoes for sweet potatoes. "Eating sweep potatoes means you're still getting those essential carbs, but this way they count as one of your five-a-day, unlike regular potatoes which are a starchy food."
(3) Swap white rice f…

What Do We Really Care About?

As I approach a new topic to discuss in the health & wellness arena, it seems that it has been covered, right? But, is a topic as extensive and popular as health and wellness really covered in one article or one study or one great healthy outcome statistic? No, definitely not!

Now that there is more of a focus on individualized nutrition for kids, teenagers and adults, shouldn't there also be a focus on finding out specifically what the individual really wants and needs? Sure, most people would more than likely like to drop a few "lbs", but what if that doesn't apply to everyone? Is there a "common sense" approach to leading a healthier lifestyle kinda plan that includes a fitness and mindfulness component? Would eating a bit of "everything" in a portion-controlled way be enough for someone or would eliminating sugar be the right way to go?
Let's just quiet the noise in our heads and think about it. Sure, it is important to have science-ba…