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Exercise: The Secret To Aging S-L-O-W-L-Y

I may not be able to convince you that exercising everyday is beneficial for you, but will you pay attention when scientific study after study says it really does make a difference? In fact, there are 19 good reasons to exercise! Unfortunately, there will always be someone who will be so averse to exercise that there is nothing one can do to convince them of the benefits otherwise, right? But, how much does one truly value the quality of their life?
This is where the "why" comes in. Why should we want to be better people, more productive at work, more loving with our families, have more of a positive outlook on life? The 'whys' in the previous statement are merely what draws us out to be better human beings, but think of the health benefits that exercise provides us.
Let's break it down even further and evaluate what draws our attention to the importance of exercise, starting with the some of the following points:
(1) Slows biological aging: I always think of li…

What is the Mediterranean Diet and should we follow it?

Can we even count how many diets exist today? How well do they work? When it comes to the word 'diet', it just sends such a negative message to people! It sounds so restrictive and frankly, a restrictive diet may be necessary for some that are in medical need of it, but what about those people that are relatively healthy, and just merely want to lose a few pounds? Generally speaking, the Mediterranean diet is one of the most sensible-sounding diets out there right now, and its recommended for people in order to minimize their chances of getting heart disease, cancer, depression and even dementia.

On another note, have you heard of the Blue Zones? The Blue Zones are based on 5 geographical regions in the world where people generally live to 100+ years...healthfully. The Blue Zones follow a sensible diet -- such as the Mediterranean diet -- along with other common denominators that consist of moving naturally, having a purpose in life, minimizing stress, following an 80% rule b…

8 Superfoods For Better Sleep

While I can't emphasize enough -- as I'm sure many other health and wellness experts would agree -- good nutrition and exercise are essential building blocks for leading a healthy lifestyle. But, what about sleep? Well, yes, sleep should definitely not be overlooked!

In the fast-paced society that we live in there are so many demands, aren't there? 'I've got so much on my plate, there is no time to sleep!' However, in saying such a statement, we tend to forget the importance of sleep and how much of it we really need in order to function at our best. Sleep helps the body heal by repairing the heart and blood vessels. Additionally, by not getting enough sleep, the chances of getting kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or stroke are that much more probable.

The following are 8 recommended superfoods for better sleep:

(1) Almonds: These delicious nuts are both high in potassium and B vitamins which are important for our nervous system to de-stress and re…