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Breathe Deep, Be Present and Get Healthy in a "Doable" Way

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with every diet out there, right? Just like your friend who lost a ton of weight on Jenny Craig or your neighbor who swears by her newly acquired deep-breathing exercises, right? Instead of claiming those activities as your own, engage in simple, doable actions that will get results!

Start out with a few unmistakably great habits to get into that will set you on a good path to wellness. At least see how well you feel after a week of doing the following things mentioned below. Who knows -- one week of eating well can turn into two, three and more weeks of eating well.

(1) DO Drink Water. Yes, water is overlooked by many simply because we may forget to drink water or we may not believe that it will make a big difference in our health. But, no mistaking it, water is essential for good cell health, it helps to balance our body fluids, it energizes us and keeps us full longer.

(2) DON'T Go on a Juice Cleanse. I've never gotten this one. Is a juice c…

Want a healthy heart and good vision? How about the following 15-lutein rich foods?

Lutein, a yellow to orange pigment related to vitamin A, is extremely important for not only maintaining vision, but keeping a healthy heart as well. Perhaps you may easily take your eyesight and beating heart for granted, especially if you currently have good vision and a strong, beating heart. But, what if you don't? What if you wish you could improve your eyesight and even your improve your blood pressure? The following 15 foods can help give your eyes and heart a healthy boost for sure....
1) Kale: This veggie has a ton of nutrients besides lutein. It has a good amount of vitamin C, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K and even fiber. Super low in calories too.
2) Winter Squash: When was the last time you roasted a squash in the oven? It is so good and full of great vitamins and minerals...yes, including Lutein and vitamin A too.
3) Collards: These leafy greens are not surprisingly chock full of vitamins and minerals, fiber and so much more! For those of us attempting …