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How To Cut Back On Highly Processed Foods

Let's get some clarification first on what a processed food is and go from there, okay? As mentioned in Processed Foods 101 from this article, processed foods encompass foods that have purposefully been changed before we eat them. So, just because we may walk down the 'canned veggie' aisle at the local grocery store doesn't necessarily mean that is a bad thing. In fact, canned vegetables usually are quite good for you as they contain fresh vegetables that are canned, hence the nutrition remains intact. Additionally, if simply trying to add vegetables to your diet, canned may be the way to go as well because many times the fresh vegetables are more expensive.

According to the International Food Information Council, the act of processing can be as easy or simple as freezing or even drying food for preservation purposes. Canned beans, tuna and even frozen fruits and vegetables are great examples of good processed food options.

The trickier aspect of processed foods and th…

8 Low Glycemic Foods For Better Health

There are various reasons for doing what you can to stick to low glycemic foods. No, you don't and shouldn't look at carbs as being 'evil' or to be avoided at all cost, you simply need to do what you can to choose the right kinds of carbs. Yes, carbs that are low on the glycemic index are the ones to shoot for as much as possible.

The glycemic index measures carbohydrate-containing foods that impact blood sugar either positively or negatively. There is a scale that ranges from low (0-55) to medium (56-69) to high (70 and above). Becoming familiar with these ranges helps quite a bit when choosing the carbs that one eats frequently. Check out the list of foods, GI rating system and more here.

In knowing that a low-glycemic diet is the most beneficial to the body, it also helps to know why this is the case. Low-glycemic foods are good to incorporate in one's diet for the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and more. In addition, these foods also stabilize energy le…

Video: Lack of Sleep Increases Junk Food Cravings

It is amazing how complex our bodies are...truly. We all know there is an obesity crisis, and it is important to know that it goes beyond the food we eat and the activities we do on a daily basis. While food and activity are crucial for weight loss, there are also other contributing factors that should be sleep.

The following video provides us with real scientific evidence that not sleeping enough contributes to an increase in junk food cravings. It is important for people to see the correlation between sleep and obesity. Our bodies absolutely need sleep and there is no way around it. So why not pass on the extra T.V. watching at night to catch your favorite show and get to bed an hour earlier? Your body and mind will thank you for it! Worried you'll miss your favorite show? Record it and save it for later!

Good health is not just the food we eat and exercising enough, it is more.....

Are you successfully aging well?

How well we live our lives successfully has so much to do with how well we take care of our bodies, wouldn't you agree? In this time of fast food, busy schedules, unhealthy environments and more, at least we do have some ability to slow the aging process by following some smart and effective steps.

Some of the main differences between how successfully or unsuccessfully we age has to do with how we live our lives day in and day out. Are we positive? Do we have good energy throughout our day and that includes good strength and general fitness? How well do we sleep? Are we stressed out all the time? These are important questions to ask ourselves and if there is hesitancy on any of the above-mentioned questions, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate how we live our lives on a daily basis.

Successful aging isn't just how well you look on the outside -- Do you have wrinkles? Do you look tired all of the time? Are you angry or depressed? Even those fortunate souls out there that do appea…