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Health Coaching for Patients With Chronic Illness

As a health coach, I occasionally get a question from a random person who wants to know what a health coach really does and what value they bring to the table. This article really does a nice job of summing up what a health coach can do, particularly in a healthcare setting.

Health coaching is one of those somewhat new and emerging careers that still needs some explanation. Think of it this way, at some point in anyone's life -- particularly during times of exasperation when goals have not been reached or coming to terms with an illness which has not quite registered with the individual -- that person could use a little helping hand.

Wouldn't you be better at reaching a goal if you had good support from a someone who was cheering you on and simply supporting you emotionally? Wouldn't you be more prone to accept that a chronic disease like diabetes isn't the end of life, but could simply be the start of truly taking care of oneself with proper social support and proper …

Don't Nudge Me: The Limits of Behavioral Economics in Medicine

How do we get better at resisting the everyday temptations that exist in our environment? What are the everyday temptations you may ask? How about the overabundance of quick and easy fast-food "drive-through windows" or the easy access to a quick and easy snack that you can pick up at just about anywhere. To add to the lack of healthy options that our environment offers the everyday citizen, how "walkable" is your neighborhood and how safe is it to walk there at any given time of the day or night? 
To add more fuel to the fire, local food markets that meet daily needs (by offering healthy food choices), safe housing, access to adequate health care services and social support are frankly...lacking in supply -- especially in lower-income households. If we take just one aspect from those above-mentioned determinants of health like access to health care, then how do we ensure that those patients then comply with properly taking care of themselves? This is where the li…

Junk Food Is Made To Be Twice As Distracting As Healthy Food

Just yesterday I was at a work-related event where lunch would be provided. Some of the participants brought in their left-over Halloween Candy simply because they no longer wanted it in their house! While I can't blame them, there is no reason to 'unload' it on the innocent who are trying to stay away from the stuff! Interestingly enough though, a little can go a long way. In other words, try limiting yourself to one or two 'fun size' candies and believe it or not, that should be enough to satisfy the sweetest of the sweet tooth individual! 
Another great reason to limit yourself to one or two 'fun size' candies, can be seen in the results of the two-phase study conducted by Corbin A. Cunningham of Johns Hopkins University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. (You can read more about the study at the link provided below). In many ways, the study shows that indeed a little can go a long way when it comes to what a 'complete deprivation of cer…