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What is a Keystone Habit?

Imagine....You are down a path that is not all that beneficial for you; but, regardless, that is where you are presently. What will it take to make a change that will benefit you -- if not immediately -- in the long run that is life. Whether you are going through a hard time at home, at work or just life in general, how can you change that one habit that gets you in trouble? That habit could be anything from complaining about how much work you have and being negative all day to eating mindless amounts of junk food due to stress or simply being sedentary 24/7. You name it, but you are caught in a cycle you feel helpless in getting out of most of the time. 
Clearly there can and should be a need to seek clinical help if warranted, but how about the rest of us that are living our lives on a day to day trying to eat right, be productive and make the most out of life? There is no need to "Go Big or Go Home", but attempting small and doable goals would get you on the path to pote…

Create a Healthy Mindset with these 7 Psychological Hacks

December went by at warp-speed and now here we are in mid-January -- a new year with what hopes to be a year of growth, promise and prosperity. In thinking about this though, how many of us slow down enough to really think about that. Sure, we say we will stick to our New Year's resolutions, but what happens when we get derailed? Do we just say "forget about it" and move on or do we jump back into what we say we were going to do in the first place? I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions anyway, but I suppose the new year could give us a reason to reflect on what we've done so far in our lives and what things we would like to be doing now and in the upcoming year and beyond.

As I was reviewing one of my favorite motivational books - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Covey shares some powerful thoughts on perspective which gives good cause to perhaps even re-think the way we may see things in general. One of his quotes "Two people can see the sa…